No Smoking Day
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Well, I've smoked for nearly 25 years.

I've managed to quit once for a period of ten months.

It's really hard to quit this time, I'm doing it for the love of a wonderful man.

I've had a few today but I'm trying to quit cold turkey.

I know all the dangers, I've written and published articles.

I just want to get this out here as a start, good luck everyone!


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Hi there

good luck, it's a really helpful forum this. just keep cranking up and you'll get back on the wagon


Thanks Hilary :)


Ok I guess this is day 1 officially.

This morning I smoked one cigarette then I started on my 14mg patches... it's 1/4 to 12... 3 1/2 hours in.

I know it, I've done it.

Does it help? I can't answer that yet.

However, no more coffee for me, that DOESN'T help :)


However, no more coffee for me, that DOESN'T help :)

Do whatever helps.

Follow the most looney-tunes, off the wall, totally mental quitting programme as long as you don't smoke.

Getting your head right is all it takes; what it takes to get your head right is personal.

I smoked for 25 years and discovered I knew naff all about it.

Welcome. :)


Thanks for the reply and the support, austinlegro.

of course you are right, this is:

a) an underestimated addiction

b) within me

c) the power is mine as the animate object



Also a welcome from me :)

And sorry but someone will eventually say it... slip ups, please :o


I'm trying... hard!



... this really is day one!

You all kind of made me feel guilty in the best possible way, so I decided to throw my tobacco and papers down the toilet.

Thanks for that!

I mean, thank for that, and thanks especially to Rochelle for the kick up the arse I needed in making the choice of smoking or not smoking.

Yes, it's day 1.


Hey bananaskin, well done. Hope your toilet isn't blocked up now! You've done the right thing. It will feel different right from the start. The other way was going to be a slow way of torturing yourself for a long time. It's a bit like sleeping with an never works.


Thanks karri.

Hilary, no the loo is fine, it's coughing a bit :)

You are right... this is a one-way street, there is no plan B


Thanks karri :)

I survived!


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