No Smoking Day

Day - a long time coming!

Tonight is going to be hard! I'm going out and attempting to drink without cigarettes for the first time in about 6/7 years!

There's still quite a big chunk of me that doesn't really want to quit, but I know the majority does.... Luckily my friends don't smoke so there won't be that temptation to nip out for a fag, but I'm going to a gig! Rock and Roll and cigarettes go so well together :(

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hunnie I know how you feel. My big test is tommorrow night. I am going out with my friend around Manchester + she still smokes.

But, I figure if i can get through a night out without smoking then I may have just cracked it! I am taking lollys with me + I am having one to replace a cig.

I hope you come back on here tomorrow + tell me how your night went!

Hope you had a good one! :D :D


Gah! I had a cigarette!

I resisted the urge to buy any - though I was very drunk and quite easily could of if it wasn't for a good friend of mine..... But I haven't had one since, so I guess I'm ok still posting in this part of the forum, as this is my Day 2....albeit, again.

I'm determined to keep going this time! I've gotten used to not smoking during my shifts at work, and I'm not going out again until this coming Friday, so should be able to get through the week. I'm definately trying patches when I go out next week though!


My patch fell off!!! then i got in a big mood + shouted at my friend!!!!!! Big apologies this morning but I still didn't smoke!!!!

Make sure you put a patch on hun next week - you will defo need one. You can do it - When I tried to stop before + failed, everytime was cos of nights out. But one cig is good going!!!!!!! At least you didn't buy any!!!!!!

You did well hun. You should be proud of yourself. :) x x x x


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