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No Smoking Day
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come to a decision (about time!)

ok so as many of you know I failed a couple of months ago.( I almost ended up in hospital due to a way bad reaction to the zyban resulting in the drs putting me on a zyban"blacklist". Unfortunately this played a major part in my smoking again! SO I thought sod the chemicals and got this really cool book which goes on the premise that we are free to smoke but choose not to. Can't really explain it but in this way it seems to take the pressure out of quitting. One always has the option to smoke but you are in complete control of the situation so you get to choose whether you smoke or not.

I picked Sat 25/08/07 cos that is the day I am going on hol to Tenerife. I figured with it being a 4 hr flt (also 2 hrs b4 for the check in at the airport) I wouldn't have been able to smoke anyway so why not 'kick start' the quit then!

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Karen x x x x x

Well done hun ;)

Can't wait to have you back here,

This is such a chain around your neck,

I reckon you'll do great just to be free x x

x x ~Buffy x x


Cheers E!!!!!!

I have been practising the spanish for 'I don't smoke ' . Its hell of a lot easier to say than'do you have an ashtray?)!!!!


Hehehehe ;) very good :D

Will you be able to make our quiz night??

I know it's cutting it all a bit fine and all ?


I will try my hardest. Just need to get stuff packed first. (I swopped the dbl bed for 2 singles and need to take all new bedding out)


Good luck Kazza


Have a safe and enjoyable flight to Spain. Get a wicked tan, drink some refreshing sangria, dance the flamenco and flirt with the gorgeous guys. And I think the Spanish for no smoke is Non Smoko or something like that.

Well done lovely and have a fabulous time and a great rest.



No worries x x I'll not take offense :D hehe

Oooh bet your all excited !! and your girls friend!! she staying with you tomorrow?


Her parents are coming to the airport with her on Sat as it will be the first time she's been away from them. I don't who is more worried us for taking her or them for letting go in the first place! Still it's not like we are 'venturing into the unknown' We were there in Jan,Feb,April and June.:)


Aw bless them x x x

God I hope you don't end up with a weeping homesick child >_<


Well done Kazz be lovely to have you back. So have a great holiday and come back smoke free Love linda xxxx


Well done Kazza

No fumar Amigo, queiro un vodka y coca cola por favor?:D :D


SI !!!!! chocobunny:D :D


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