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day 8

Well Im still hanging in there.Sunday was a bitch of a day but made it through in the end.Still ciggie free.Been on most nights reading the threads I find them a great help even if I dont always post.Gives me strenght for the next day ahead.What would we all do without this forum to come to:eek:Im on champix and my smoking clinic told me to go on my life rewards site, can only log on with the batch number from your pack.It just goes on about cravings all the time and to be honest when thats what is happening you want something to take your mind off it not rub it in:rolleyes:Anyone else been on it and what do you think? Anyway back to the forum where has all the day 8 people gone.Cant be on my own surely:confused:.Hang in there everyone where ever your are on your quest and the best of luck. Chrissie xx

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hey hunnie. can i just ask you, what is champix? i've seen it everywhere on here and on the net but i dont know what it is! is it like zyban? ooh + how long have you quit for now? im two weeks in 2hrs and 15mins!!!!! x x x x


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