Day 8

Day 8 nothing to report much the same. Trained on weights earlier a lot more energy, not training again while thursday just wondering what to do after work tomorrow maybe go for a walk, or might even go swimming ? feels a bit weird going to the swimming baths on myself and just getting in and doing about 8 length and some oldie at side me doing about 100 lengths big headed git. so slightly apprehensive about going:o .

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  • Yea - i know what you mean :o , but go and do it , then one day (not too soon) you will be the fit oldie :)

    hope day 8 carries on nice and smoothly for you :)

    daizy x

  • Thanks Daizy x

  • Congrats Deano :)

    I'm one day behind you and doing well, really determined this time that I'll stick with it :)

  • Hello , well day 9 feel awful, bit down , very tired. Don,t want a fag, been ok up to now so maybe nothing to do with quitting, maybe just one of them days. i,m going to get an early night see how i feel in the morning. cheers guys :(

  • Hope you're feeling better today mate :)

  • keep going deano - the sun will come out soon, celebrate 9 days , double figures tomorrow :)

  • Hello! I feel a bit better today, seem to have no energy yesterday

    and a bit sad, but today feel ok not bad at all. Cheers Blondie72, thanks daizy. good luck all.;)

  • Glad to hear you're having a better day, you are doing great, well done

  • hi deano im on day 8 too :D ive passed the first week so i can do another!! is what i keep telling myself!!! it hasnt been easy but im getting there good luck and keep going :)

  • Thanks barnard1bw good luck to you as well, great that you have made it to day 8, good luck for the future. Day 11 for me now not feeling to bad might be going out drinking later. So little bit worried:eek: i,m sure i will be ok. I feel i have come to far to throw it away. ;)

  • Good attitude Deano.

    Beware beers, it weakens the resolve, be strong !

  • Cheers Horse, I will be aware and on guard:). I wonder how long before I can have a drink and not think about fags!!! maybe never!!!! maybe I will be ok:confused:

  • For what it's worth it is actually easier now the smoking ban is in place - my last serious quit attempt was about 6 years ago and I literally had to stop going to pubs I found it so hard.

    I've battled through 5 weekends so far on this quit and all the time I'm inside it hasn't bothered me, but when the weather's nice and you stand outside in the evening and there are smokers around you it can get a little painful.

    Good luck pal, positive thoughts only !

  • good luck while drinking sure you will be fine :) im going out tommorrow so im a bit worrid too :eek: jus have to be sensible n only have a few!!!

  • Just have a few what!!! beers or smokes!!! :rolleyes: joking guys.

  • Deano, don't know if you are using NRT or not but I found the wee mini lozenges an absolute Godsend when I had my first beer as a non-smoker last week. They really staved off the bad cravings and got me through the night. Although in saying that because I wasn't smoking, I was drinking like there was no tomorrow and ended up paralytic :eek:

  • well done mate keep going :)

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