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No Smoking Day
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40 days wow, double wow!!!

I'm feeling calmer this afternoon, went shopping and got some natural products to see if I can continue my ordeal without killing anyone on the way.

Because I don't really belive in any if the natural stuff, I came home and "may have taken more than I should Have" but I'm feeling great now.

I haven't been this calm in a long time.

Let's hope this will get me through the next 20 days.

I hope everyone is doing well.

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Hi Mmaya,

Whatever it takes to keep you going just go with it - whether it be your positive mental attitude or your magical herbal remedies. You are sailing through this quit now and the days are turning into months.

Keep your guard up like I'm doing (just in case) but things are really starting to look good for you now.:D


Thanks linda xxxx


Mmaya...Glad to see there is calmness and please be careful, You are doing extremely well and are winning this one !!


Thank you Hercu xxx


Well done mmaya 40 days that's fantastic 😀 so what herbal delights did you get ? X


Got one supplement specific for anxiety, one to help me sleep at night, I really need to rest! Got another one that is an amino acid that promotes the Gaba, that according to Hercu and a lot of online research might be what I need.

I'm really not into this natural herbal thingy, but I took the one for anxiety in the afternoon and literally haven't had any palpitations since....Might do the trick!


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