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No Smoking Day
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Got the monkey off me back, day 2!

Ok I survived 1st January smoke free. Had a roller coaster of emotions! First I'd cry because I will never light up again, next minute I was happy that I wouldn't have to light up again!

I had the day off work yesterday (being a public holiday) so I got through the day a little bit better. I kept myself occupied by going for a long walk, watching a movie, played Wii Sports with my partner. it wad good to spend time and get my mind off smoking!

I work in a very stressful environment so going to work would have been the worst thing! ...,today i have to work! :eek:

I have some NRT mints just in case if times get tough and lots of wrigleys chewing gum.

I already can't wait til this day ends so I can go on my long walk tonight!!

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well done thrillhouse

long walks got me through at the start and you know even now two years down the line if i get a situation of high stress that would normally have made me smoke then i go for a long walk as way of coping so i think i changed my mindset to use walking as my coping mechanism

stay strong



also the title of your thread made me laugh because my kids play and jump on my back and i pretend they arnt on there and mess about and say to there dad 'is there a monkey on my back' and they are laughing there little heads off



Hi Boo :)

I am really looking forward to getting to that point where you're at!

I've had a beaut brain wave. I've decided every time I would normally buy a packet of cigarettes I transfer the money into a saver account! Time to watch it grow!

I've had 2 NRT mints today... They've helped the cravings subside slightly. I don't have a stress ball at work but I do find myself ripping apart blu-tac :P


It's been 44 hours. Had the worst shakes! Had some NRT mint. Only taken 3 mints today, I'll probably end up squeezing one more in though!

My sense of smell suddenly came back. I could smell the food really strong as I'd walk past restaurants. Sitting on the train ride home, some old guy was sitting 12 feet away. I could smell the banana he was eating! I could also smell the seat so had to move the smell was too strong!

So I'd thought I'd be cheeky and take my taste buds out for a spin. Stuck a piece of wrigleys gum in my mouth... HOLY HELL!! The taste was so strong my tongue was a little sore!

All these new smells and tastes I'm feeling like a dog :P:p


48 hours, 3 Lozenges, no cigarettes, walked 12 kms total .

I've been a jerk to everyone. For some reason I'm not making any apologies for it either.


You're doing great Thrill

Just keep taking baby steps and you'll be weeks down the line before you even know it!! :)

Exercise is a perfect antidote.

(I know when I'm cycling smoking could not be further from my mind....and it's great :D)

Really hope you are enjoying your walks

Stay strong and keep going

Take care



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