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Early Day 2 and I got the edge

Okay, I thought today would be a bit easier as I woke up feeling fresh as a daisy and didn;t fancy anything for a good hour.

But my son has been really whingy for the past hour and my irritation is completely out of proportion. It's like when he whinges I start getting hot, short tempered and very irritable :( I so hope I can get through the day today as it feels relly tough already.

The good news is I don't particularly feel like smoking at all. The irritation and annoyance doesn't seem connected to it in my mind, so that's a bonus and hopefully means I'm unlikely to relent and head to the shops for 'relief'.

Good luck to other day 2'ers and hope you're having a better start than moi.

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Oooh just checked the threads nad I'm the only day 2'er!


your doing so well but you still have a ways to go before you stop getting constant craves you just have to try and keep your mind occuiped and busy till it passes

the more time you go without the stronger you wilbecome

are you using any NRT in your quit or are you going cold turkey?


Thanks Carol. I know there's a long way to go unfotunately but I want to stop so much that I'm hoping it's not that bad :o Not sure I could take months of this feeling.

I'm using a combo of patches, gum and e-cig. Very small amounts that I'm gradually reducing. So I'm cutting my 14mg patches in two at the minute and will cut them in three after a couple of weeks. The quicker I get off NRT the better but I do think it's better to do one step at a time.

I have quit this way before actually and it worked for me but not my husband, who I threatened to leave and who said he was going to the shops to buy some and make my decision then, lol. Hence my Username on here, this time I will just say no thanks and grin and bear it through to the bitter end!


everyone is different in there quit and as long as you try and keep a positive mind about beating it you will succeed i found waking up every moring and saying i will not smoke today helped me and your doing the right thing cutting the nrt down but dont do it too soon or too quickly

have you wrote a list of your reasons to quit yet? as rereading them when your having a low moment will help reinforce your resolve to beat this

at the end of the day you have to ask yourself this

do you want a white poisonious expensive stick to be in control of your life :eek:

or do you want to take the power back and reap the rewards

not just to your health but your purse too think of all the money you will save and all the treats for yourself you can get

just keep posting on here and read read read as much as you can and you will get through it :)

onwards and upwards is the way




Day One Just Say No Thanks

Hello Just Say No Thanks, Hang on in there, we know it's not esay but unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any way round the horrible feelings we experience when quitting. I attended smoking cessation classes and used patches for about 9/10 weeks both helped but it wasn't easy but it did get easier as the days went by.

However what I can tell you, that coming the end of my 152nd day without any deliberately used nicotine I am at last beginning to feel the benefits. Senses of smell and taste back,hands not stinking of nicotine enjoying food better thankfully having only put on a few pounds. So girl believe me it's worth just give time time and in no time at all you'll be wondering why you smoked in the first place and your son hopefully won't remember a Mum who smoked.

Best Wishes for your Quit

Michael a.k.a:-lefoy123


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