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Got through day 1!! Now on to day 2

Hi all

just a quick post to let u all know the husband and I got through day 1. Hopefully today will be a bit easier as it's our youngest son's 4th birthday so we're gonna be extremely busy and by 9pm we'll probably be that tired we won't have the energy to think of smoking!!!

Hope everyone has a great smokefree day and I'll try and post lata xxx

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Hey im on day 2 also. Feel a bit better today was in a right bad mood yesterday. Im on this champix and so far no side effects so not so bad. we can do it! K


Keep it up then kaz. Ur doing well!!! :). Just out of interest how do u get that signature thing on ur posts - the date u quit how old u were when u started etc x


Hey, Do you know Im trying to get rid of this sig thing as its outdated! Ive been trying to figure it out all morning. Can anyone advise us how to do this? Oh I went on to this free webchat last night with a smokeline advisor between 8pm-10pm. What a gr8 help it is and better than speaking to someone. Gona go on it at 8pm tonight to have a rant lol. Keep it up hun ure doing well also! x


Think I've found it kaz in quick links on the top tool bar. It says edit signature x


Just tried it but bit confusing on my phone. If it ain't worked I'll try it on my lappy later as my husband has dragged me off to golf!!! What is that all about lol x


Whoop!!!! It worked


Well my little man's birthday was fab!!! He got loads of pressies and we took him and his brothers and sister out for a meal tonight. It was awesome and not once have I craved today. Not even when I walked past that smelly,cold, outdoor smoking bit, which I thought would tempt me a little bit cos I used to like a fag to signal the end of my food. Anyway I'm under no illusion that this is gonna be a walk on the park I caved in on day 3 last week so tmrow will be a mini milestone for me. I'm busy on a legal placement in the morning for my degree and I'll be running around like a loon picking all the kids up in the afternoon so I'm hoping my busyness (my 6 yr old girl made that word up lol) stops any cravings that are ready to steamroll me!!!

Will post in day 3 tmrow and let u all know how me and the husband are getting on - he's still really positive and hardly craved too.

Hope everyone else is ok and if anyone wants to rant or moan feel free to do so, that's what we're all here for.

G'nite all xxx


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