No Smoking Day
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Day 16

Well just got back from docs i have a chest infection and mild asthma (that has just confirmed i will never smoke again) he has given me KLARICID for my chest infection and a blue puffer for my chest and a peak flow meter, cost me over £20 in total anyway apart from that i am ok hope eveyone else is ok

P.S give me a sick note for a week as well :):)

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Hi whiteboy, sorry to hear that.. not good news. I know about the puffer thingies, have several of different colours!

My experience is that asthma is containable i.e. with a little care, shouldn't / needn't have any major effect on your lifestyle - assuming you're not a free climber or into other radical sports!

Of course, you're right: no more smoking, for sure, though I think you'd already made that decision.. Wish I had years ago when I was first diagnosed!

Anyway, bets of luck, hope the infection clears up soon.:)

Oh yes and.. worth a) asking for more than 1 puffer at a time (I go abroad often so they make sure I am fully equipped ;)) and b) getting a pre payment card which saves money in the long term.


Bloody hell them tabs or spot on feel loads better after 1 rock on ;)


Hi Whiteboy My daughter got asthma (never smoked in her life) And shes fine if she takes her pumps. Well done on your 16day soon tobe 17 Love linda xxxxxxxxxx


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