No Smoking Day
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My Reasons

Better health (e.g. no more coughing, feeling like crap every morning, feeling like I can't breathe properly, skin looking awful and lifeless, chance of catching some awful disease!), to smell better and for my breath to smell better so my poor boyfriend can kiss me without feeling sick, to have more money, to stop burning holes in coats when the wind blows my coat into my cigarette, to stop living a double life where I keep smoking a secret from my family (bit sad to be hiding things from the parents at 27!), to stop feeling like a social outcast in groups of non-smokers, to not get that restless feeling when I'm in a situation where I know I can't smoke. The list goes on and on really!

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Great reasons SS (I can really empathise with the hiding from parents - it's just wrong isn't it!?!) Having this written down will be a great help if you have a difficult moment as you can come back and read it and remind yourself just how much you want this.


Thanks hbav, you're right. I actually forgot another two reasons:

1. To have more money.

2. Cigarettes are tested on animals

I'll probably think of more later on.


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