No Smoking Day
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I made it

well, Im here, feel a bit better today, although my head feels really light, and cotton wool like, its like my head is floating a few inches above my neck. werid I know.

got to go to work later, that will be a real test again, and I dread my coffee break, as I used to automatically go out for a cig, but at least Ill stay warm.

Taking planty of food in today to keep my mind off it, Ill worry about weight gain later, as I know Ill put weight on no matter what anyway like I did last time, just part of the quitting process.

I hope today is better than yesterday, wish me luck! :)

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well done charlene, i know what you mean about been light headed, keep strong today


Well done on getting to day 3 :)

hang in there, reading your posts you seemed to suffer a bit yesterday

just keep busy and distracted and we'll all take it one step at a time :D


Congrats on day 3, just think - all that cr*ppy nic is pretty much gone from your system now. Don't know what it's like where you are but it's horribly stormy here - you can stay all nice and warm inside with a cup of tea and some biscuits instead of freezing your bits off outside in the rain. That's got to be something to feel positive about!


Thanks Jimi, yes yesterday was a very hard day for me, it didnt help that I felt so so depressed.

Today has been better, went and did my weekly shop and felt ok, didnt really hit me properly until breaktime at work when a colleague asked if I was coming out for "one", said no, but it was on my mind alot after that.

Even though Ive been craving again though, I dont have that low feeling that I had yesterday when I felt so sorry for myself, just feel headachey and tired, like Im coming down with something actually so I wouldnt be surprised if I did.

Thanks Jimi, Hbav and Andy for the support.:D

hpe everyone is doing ok today!, or has anyone else had similar experiences?, answers on a postcard please and dont forget the stamp addressed envelope!:)

charlene x


Well done you!! The absolute hardest part is refusing the offer of "one". A couple of days ago a mate passed me the joint. :eek: Holy moly, i held it in my hand. I stared it right in that glowing eye and knew that i was on the edge of an abyss. Then i passed it right back and called him a "bast*rd". Yes, those are the sink or swim moments. Have the strength to say "no" immediately and you've won; you've beaten the physics of it. The rest is imaginary. Just wiring of the brain. Neurons develop into 5 lane motorways simply because its a path thats used often. The urge to smoke uses that motorway because its something that is necessary when it comes to nicotine-rush hour. But when it comes down to it, the brain is way more efficient than any local council. And when the motorway isn't used anymore, it becomes an A-road, then a B-road, then a rough track. Before long, not even the sheep will use it. :D

So cone off those outer lanes and laugh at the traffic. :cool: If you really want, try spitting off an imaginary footbridge onto a convertible!


well done cloud, I know it is so hard to do, all these "friends" that you think would try and help, but instead ramn temptation in our faces.

I think they are just jealous that we are achieviung something they may subconsiously want to do! :rolleyes:

you are so right about saying no immediately, once the choice is made theres no backing out, trouble is its so hard to actually say that "no" when someone is stood waving it in your face.

ploughing on with these blasted cravings though :), I know it wont but it does feel at the moment like I will feel like this forever constantly feeling that Im missing something, got to get past this negative train of thought. :rolleyes:


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