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First year and I made it!!

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I believe that sums it up, hahaha I can't believe I'm here in the Penthouse.

Today is my 1 year so I want to say thank you to everyone for the kind words of wisdom through out my quit.

I wish I could offer some back but eveything I think of has been said many times already so maybe what I should say to everyone on the forum is to read, listen and always believe you can do it because we all can and if you slip up it's okay because you can have all the chances needed until you do it and everyone here supports that.

What a wonderful group to be a part of. Thanks to you all!!

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That's really fab, I bet you're dead proud!!

Well done and congratulations on making it to the Penthouse!! Hope you're looking forward to plenty more smokefree years! :)

*raises glass*

Thanks a bunch and yes I am. I will never smoke again. My daughter is so proud she posted this big write up on her facebook. I love her very much and I don't want to ever let her down. It's also about me of course. I did it for me at first but then you truely discover there's many people affected by their family smoking and it becomes about everybody i believe. I think I'm

Anyway thanks again to you all and keep up the good work because everyone can do this. Just remember, it is up to us what we choose to do.

CONGRATULATIONS for the great accomplishment and thank you for the advices! All the best

WELL DONE AND WELCOME X Feels good doesn't it:D

Well done SB. Good to see you in the penthouse, so pleased you made it

H :cool:

well done welcome to the penthouse


SB you absolute trooper you. Get in here and give me a hug. Well done and welcome. :)

Dippy Egg thanks so much. Thanks to all of you and your kind words. Quitting is a great feeling. Every day you make it is a day you deserve to celebrate, brag and hold your head high no matter if its your first day or 365th day. It's an equally deserving celebration the way I see it.

With that being said I do have a different, kind of special feeling about my new home called the Penthouse. I'm never moving!! I can't wait to see all of my supporters here with me/us. This is freaking awesome!!!!!!

Congratulations SB I hope you're celebrating in style now you've reached the penthouse, awesome achievement :-)

Well done SB great to still see us oldies still here.


Huge congrats to you my love, you are a Star:). Well done:):)

Fi xx

Huge congratulations

Fantastic SB13. One year done and dusted for you. Welcome to the penthouse, it is great in

You guys are all great and I thank you for everything. It's nice to have this forum to turn to when needed.

Anyone reading this remember to come here when the urge to light up is strong. This is a place that can prevent it and always remind you of why you are doing what you are doing.

You don't even have to type anything, sit and read because it really does help.

I love everyone here for their support, their kind words and for sharing the stories that help keep us focused.

We all rock!

Brilliant news , welcome to the penthouse :).

There seems to be quite a few newcomers just lately . All we ask is that you realise we get a bit narked with those that put towels on the poolside sunbeds during breakfast :p

Enjoy your stay - you have earned it :cool:

Great job SB!!!

It's a wonderful feeling to have made it, isn't it? Keep up the great work.


Thanks guys and I will behave and mind the rules of the Penthouse hahaha

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