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I made it!!

Well 3 whole months done and I've finally got into month 4, I can hear the partying down the road! Though I think someone's just taken the batteries out of Nifty so it might be quiet for a while!

The difference in how I feel from when I first quit to now is massive. Yes I still get the odd thought of smoking (not craves) but they are infrequent and much easier to dismiss. I'd like to think I've cracked it but also don't want to be complacent either so still on my guard!

Thanks to everyone for their support youre all great but especially Mols and nifty my quit buddies, I'm not sure if I'd have got this far without you and also November quitters who are a very supportive group.

Karen x

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Yeeeah hayyyy!

My word Karen

You took yer time didn’t yer?

You didn’t stop off at the Halfway House for a few Pimms and Dandelion & Burdock on the way did you…..hmmmm….??...well??? ..hmmmm?

Do I need to check the CCTV footage? :cool:

It’s so good to see you get to 4 months in chuck and to hear that it is starting to go so smoothly for you.

I know you (and we) have had a couple of wobbles but I’m proud that you kept going forward with your head held up…that helps me more than you would ever know. :)

You are like a rock Karen..

Always so quiet, calm and dedicated to the cause….you can’t fail Kaz…..simply can’t fail :D

Very well done

Take care



p.s you can keep the batteries for a while…time for bed said…?



Wooohoooo Kazzy,

Welcome to the party! We've been warming up and getting ready for days!

Huge congratulations on your first 3 months (the first of many, the rest of your life to be exact!). You've been so positive throughout this quit that I just know that there is no going back for you this time.

Greg has been jumping up and down on the spot for the last week or so, honestly he's like a kid saying "is Kazzy here yet, is Kazzy here yet"!!! :D

Right, would you like a cuppa or straight into the champagne chuck?

Once again, well done mate, its brilliant to have you here at last :)

Molly x


Well done 3 months done and dusted is great


Ohh nooooo! :D

I feel a song coming on..................

"When you wish upon a staarrrrrrr....

Makes no difference who you aaaarrreeeeee.......but especially if yer name is Kazzzyyyyyyyy

Anything your heart desiiiiiiiires.......especially....quitting smooookinngggggeeeee!

Will cooooome toooooo yoooooooooouuuuuuu"

Yeah I'm going to have to work on the lyrics but hope you get the idea Kaz :D




Ooooh Greg, you're such a lyricist!!!

Well all I can say is Karen deserves a good star :)

What time is the 80's disco getting here Greg?

Molly x




I thought you said 70's! .... doh!

Right lads, take the mirror ball down and move all these bloody roller skates!

Someone will break their neck on them!! sheeesh!

....and hide that cheese and pineapple hedgehog before anyone see's it!

er.....not long now Mols......

" that 118:118?............."


Mirror ball? Really Greg you "should have known better"! (Wait didn't Jim Diamond sing a song about that)

Now did you remember to send a special invite to Lostie?

Now where did I put my shoulder pads and bright pink blusher?

Are you going to play "Final Countdown" for us?

Molly x


Cheers everyone!!! Molly and Greg you two are nutters but love ya both - get the champers open, tis time to celebrate!

Don't worry Lostie I've reserved some for you too, when you're with us shortly - awesome Innit?

Kaz xx


Wotcha Kaz, I was wondering if you'd collapsed into a heap! How was spin class?

Molly x


Missed it as I finished late, but probably not a bad thing as my thighs are still burning!!


Thanks Kat, youre doing pretty awesome too x


Congratulations, I am sooo happy for you! I can't wait to get there. Fine job ;)


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