No Smoking Day

I Made It !!!!

1 Year smoke free.

You need to be so positive and no matter what changes do not light up.

People who offer you a fag are not true friends and would love to see you fail, after a while these people will envy you just like new quitters will envy me.

It does take time i was a serious smoker i was on 30 a day nothing to be proud of at all.

First few weeks was hard but time heals.

You must not think you are missing out on anything get that rooted in your head.

otherwise 6 months or more you will be back on them.

I have no cravings now and no desire to smoke.

basically stick with it.

good luck


quit 8 march 07

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well that deserves a pint...

you buying..?

I was just about to post that on the eve of non-smoking day that it'd be nice for any of last year's quitters to turn up and spur us all on...!

Well done Andy.

Give us all your one massive bit of advice...? :)


just one other thing try to incorporate a little exercise into your quit.


Well done Andy! Biggest congratulations to you mate!



WOOOOOW ! Andy your a superstar. Thanks for showing us all it really is possible. :)


Andy that is truly amazing.

Really well done!


Well done and thank you Andy


That is brilliant! Well done!

See you in the Penthouse this time next year!


well done that must feel great good on you .


Forgot to give you a cheer!


Wowwwwwwww, well done:D


High Five! You rock! See ya next year in here :P


Andy you and your other half are true stars well done mate you must feel on top of the world. BIG CONGRATS FROM ME Linda xxxxx Ps Thanks for the liz dawn tape it helped loads Have a happy non smoking life Linda


all these replies will give me the boost for another 12 months :)

Linda love glad i could help xx :)



Great JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wow Andy!!

Fantastic job!! You must be SO PROUD!! I hope you gave yourself a HUGE treat for getting to that milestone - you deserve it!!!



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