No Smoking Day

day8... first beer crucial test

:cool:Hi guys day 8 and alls well. Went to see the nurse at the surgery today for me patches but am hoping i can do this thing without assistance. Anyway the worst thing ever for me is to drink a beer and i've avoided it for 7 days but today it's got to be tackled so i've just popped a can of Fosters and here goes..........mmmm.......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmGod that's gorgeous!!!:D If i can do this without going for a ciggie then the battle is won...Oh by the way my lovely nurse Karen says that my lungs no longer have carbon dioxide(minoxide??) that a posh name for 'soot'??:confused:p.s. OOOps this should be my lungs no longer have carbon monoxide sweetie in them soz : )

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Carbon monoxide sweetie (the same stuff that comes out of car exhausts!)


:( ok it looks like beer is my achilles heel. No I have'nt succumbed to temptation but if i had'nt had the patches i sure as hell would have the craving once i'd had a beer was tremendous so it looks like when i fancy a drink on goes the patch....for now anyway..


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