No Smoking Day
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To the 11 June 2012 First Day-ers

Oops - thought I just posted - sorry if this now appears twice.

It seems that tonnes of you are starting another quit today. If I've got this right, it includes Una, Crazysue, Viking, Denise64, possibly Karri looking at a thread from yesterday, and possibly Strawberry Sweetheart after a bit of a blip last night.

Sorry if I've missed anyone, or included anyone I shouldn't have. :o

Sorry I can't respond to all of you individually today, but just wanted to say, well done, good luck, you know you're doing the right thing!

Best of luck everyone and look forward to seeing the days rack up for all of you. :D:D:D

Shazza x

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Can I say I second Shazzas sentiments here. I know that you will all do well you sound so determined and you can help and encourage each other!

Good luck to all!:)


Thanks from me too.


Thank you :) That's so nice :)

Denise x


Yay! We are gettin everyones kind words and attention! Thanx! Go 11ers, Go!


How nice to see you all back with us. So pleased you have all decided to quit again and lets hope this is the one.

There also seems to be a lot of new quitters/posters joining so welcome and well done to all those too



Jeepers, you don't look in for a few days and look what happens!

Good luck to all you new starters and restarters, strength in numbers is a good ploy.

Best foot forward and, singalong all together...

"Follow the yellow quit road,

Follow the yellow quit road,

Follow, follow, follow, follow,

Follow the yellow quit road"

:D :D :D :D


Thanks for the encouragement :) its really nice to come on here and know people are thinking of me and each other <3 xx


I know that we help each other, it really helps when someone offers advice and encouragement. It seems to be what we do. At the same time, it is what we need to do to cope with our quit. It helps to help others to reinforce to ourselves that we don't need to smoke so I think we should be thanking you.

Keep on quitting.


your all doing so well and just think its not long till you entered week 2 :D

just remember to repeat

i will not smoke today

when you wake up

and come on here as often as you can to read and post

onwards and upwards :)

damn now i have the wizard of oz playing in my head :p

follow follow follow follow

follow the quit road yah

is anyone else humming that tune now as well

hehe :D


WOW! Exactly 5 months later, someone else is starting!

Amazing...I started Jan 11 2012...I was where you are now. YOU CAN TOO do can be a QUITTER! ...I plan to be a quitter for life...MY LIFE!


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