No Smoking Day
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*gets comfy*

Hello week 3!!!!

Blimey, can't believe I've made it this far, this is the first time my stubbourn nature has proved useful! Still going strong, and things get easier with every day (aside from a bizzare panic attack in the pub last night :/ ). Still seemingly overrun with medical complaints, but I'm off to the doctors tomorrow so hopefully he'll put me right. Bring on the one month landmark!

Hows everyone else doing this dull grey tuesday?

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Glad to see you are still feeling so positive. Any badfeelings youll be able to stamp out with that attitude. You'll also find the 'urges' become less and less as each day passes (see my day49post). Well done matey!!:D


well done, week three eh? thats brill. i think week three is a turning corner. it was for me at least. i think i mentaly changed somhow and caught up with the physical side of it. it definately gets easyer from here on, good luck. stay strong.


Walk sounds like a good idea Boudee, if I'd had a few more hours kip I'd be doing the same!

Thanks guys, and hurray for us :)



tired now and feel like going back to bed myself :rolleyes:

Mmmmm, bed...


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