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quit date getting nearer.

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hi all, will be quitting again on 7th feb at 14.10. That is my appt with NS clinic and my 8th attempt. I had some badish news that my dad had a nasty fall at home 2 days ago and is now in hospital badly bruised. I hope he makes a speedy recovery as i know he wont like being in hosp. He doesnt want any visitors and i feel i wish i could do something. But too far away. My bro and sis are going to keep me informed. Ok i kmow this is not related to smoking but im hoping when the 7th comes i can still quit. And can i just say im not in good frame of mind i know we have to be. I can only try. Boredom gets to me quite alot motivation is low. Anyway if you have read this then you will know exactly how i b***** well feel. Jacqui

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I'm feeling exactly the same at the mo Jacqui...only still in the quit due to stubborness at the mo....feckin boring cos it's too cold to go anywhere, got the SADs, lot of poo stuff happening, boring, boring, boring...motivation what is that?????

Lisa x

February is a yuck month i thing anyway isn't it. I don't get s.a.d and normally very upbeat person, but february always feels a bit like wading through treacle. Not the most motivating time to be quitting, but, it's going to be lovely to literally smell the roses this summer. I've really missed that the last two years i've been smoking.

To be honest I wouldn't have stopped if I hadn't really wanted to. You need to be in the right frame of mind to set your mind on something.

But understand this though, smoking a cigarette doesn't help solve problems (you probably already know this though) but they make them worse. As well as having the problems in life, you also have the drag of feeding your addiction. Smoking makes us edgy snappy people :( it did to me anyway. I'm a lot calmer and able to deal with things without having to rush out to have my cig.

Anyway, don't you wanna wait until you are feeling strong enough to deal with it? I know that might seem like crap advice to many people on here, but honestly I dont believe in making things harder for yourself.

I've been stopped now 2 years and about 3 months and found this site a brilliant help. I just come on the odd time now to see if I can be of any help to someone who is just starting their quit. One thing I would say is you definitely have to be in the right frame of mind to stop and stay stop, you need to feel happy about it from the beginning and not dreading it if that makes sense. The previous times I had tried to stop I almost knew before I even started that I wasn't going to succeed. This time I used Champix and I found brilliant. I know Champix is not for everyone but definitely worth considering as I believe they were the difference in me staying stopped. Good look everyone it's the best thing you will ever do!!

I have been stopped nearly 5 years.

What made me make the decision to quit was my mum had a stroke.

Seeing her in hospital on daily visits really makes one look in the mirror.

All these sick people around me and i was thinking about where can i go for a smoke,

Just going up the stairs in the hospital a nurse smiled at me and i could tell what she was thinking as i was short of breath.

Just 36 years of age i could not imagine what i would be like at 60.

Soon after this i made an appointment at the NHS Quit Smoking Groups.

The nurse there was fantastic.

It was hard but the rewards, money in your pocket, health wise i enjoy running, cycling.

and i don`t stink.

Good luck



I agree with what has already been said, you do have to want to stop, otherwise, it is just going to be one lonnnnnnnnng drag (no pun intended). You're already half way there if you have that on your side. I too am kinda dreading my quit day but this is improving with each passing day thanks to my quit method but one thing I would say, is to try real hard to turn your negative thinking around. I know it's hard if motivation is at a low ebb -say something positive to yourself about stopping smoking each time a negative thought comes in to your head - the scales might start leaning heavier to the positive side and less so to the negative.

Each one of us is capable of stopping, its how we approach it that matters. We can make it as easy or as hard as we want it to be - I intend on making it a positive experience with as little thought to it as possible. I'm not saying that's how it will go but I'm gonna try my best to keep a positive outlook, even if I hit hard times. Says I haha

Start looking forward to your quit day, it's a whole new beginning and what's to be down about having better health, more money and a new lease of life? It's all good! Wish you well and may you enjoy your newfound freedom :)

Thanks everyone have read all your posts and as you all mentiom about being in frame of mind to quit i know deep down that is essential. But i will go to clinic tomorrow and chat with her . You see if i dont stick with the 7th il be kicking myself so to speak. So positive thinking is now at top of my list . Keep you all posted. Love to all. Jacqui

So positive thinking is now at top of my list . Keep you all posted. Love to all. Jacqui

Come on Jacqui you can do this....we're cheering you on from the sidelines :)

Good luck and we'll be with you all the way!

Hey Jacqui

As Michelle said, you can do this, we'll definitely all be here for you, cheering from the sidelines with our pompoms :D

Let us know how you get on tomorrow

Keep positive



Hi Jacqui

go for it gal. Don't worry about how many attempts you've had. When i stopped in 1997 for many years, it had taken me 6 whole years...and an uncountable number of attempts before i made it. That's why i have the signature i have. I had lost all credibility with everyone, except myself. I knew i was going to do it one day, but i didn't know how. So, as lots of people on here say, never give up giving up! the more times you try, the nearer you get to the final one x

Good luck for tomorrow, Jacqui! Let us know how you get on - it will be good to have you back!



Hey Jacqui

As Michelle said, you can do this, we'll definitely all be here for you, cheering from the sidelines with our pompoms :D

Oh blimey last time my pompoms came out I nearly got arrested :eek:


I had my first visit to the clinic last week and so glad i went, was really nervous at first as didnt know what to expect, but the lady was so nice and explained every option to me and never judge me. The help is there when u need it, good luck today

Thank you Michelle i can herer you. Lol. Im off to clinic shortly to see the nurse No smoking. Speak to u soon. Jacqui

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