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Get this quit on the road

Hi all,

Yes it's me back again giving it some wellie lol :D Think I have turned into a serial week one to twoer but never mind :rolleyes: Anyways, here I am back in day 3.

Breakdown so far :-

Day 1 - smoked last four fags early a.m. and then quit.

Handed out hard hats and earplugs to all neighbours as a neccessary precaution.

Informed Welsh Assembly Government of my intentions to quit smoking, so national state of emergency duly declared.

The rest of the day was a breeze.

Day 2 - started out ok and still feeling positive, except for some reason by the afternoon I felt a screaming fit coming on so exited my flat smartish as couldn't subject my neighbours to that kind of malarky again. Walked miles crying all the way lol not so much wanting to smoke, just maybe wanting a few things I need. Got home, don't like being stuck in flat in evenings so started de-junking the place. Good move, good destraction.

Went to bed early and woke up again at midnight and didn't go back to sleep at all :eek: Felt like a limp lettuce at the start of

Day 3 - bit of a crave in the Job Centre, no surprises there :rolleyes: So logged on here and read some posts. Better. Went home and got a couple of hours kip. Thought all ok but when I woke up I started getting a wave of craves ooher!! But knew it is because the nicotine is leaving my body, all good and by tomorrow it will be gone, so first hurdle over.

Evenings seem to be a problem for me so did some more de-junking, feel so much better when I take my rubbish out, reckon I just prefer being outside. At this rate I will have an empty flat if I keep chucking stuff out, but at least I will be smoke free.

Sorry to ramble on, but this is the status quo with me at the mo, and I am hoping to make this quit stick as I get so frustrated at having to start over and over again.

Miss my September quit and want it back, but today is a new day, so onwards and upwards!!

Zoe xxxx

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Whats behind you is past. Just remember anything that may help you and forget the rest.

This is a new start and this is the winning one.

good luck


Welcome back Zoe, don't forget you are still part of our crew if you still want to be. :)

I do believe they've closed the borders between England and Wales for the foreseeable future as a precaution. :D

Just think, your September quit was taking you into the dark days and nights of winter which can be depressing.

This new quit will take you into the light, bright and hopefully warm days of summer which should give you some extra impetus to make it stick.

You can do it, you've done it before so you know you can. :)


LMAO Gary :D

I do believe they've closed the borders between England and Wales for the foreseeable future as a precaution.

Very necessary with my track record :eek::eek:

Feeling much more positive now and glad to be free.

Was thinking, cigarettes contain rocket fuel, well, erm, I wouldn't put rocket fuel into my mouth and set fire to it now would I :confused: Even I know better than that and I am a bear of very little brain. So why smoke?? I really wasn't enjoying it, got angry when I did it, and am looking forward to tomorrow am when I get into day 4. Day 4 seems a bit more respectable somehow lol xx



Best foot forward Zoe, you can do it!



Thanks Helen :D,

I'm glad to be out of the dreaded Day 3, far too hair-raising for my liking :eek:

Zoe xx


Good luck Zoe.....try to keep calm and carry on. I think that's my title for the day LOL! Think I'll take my own advice. Anyways, learn from your other bum quits (I'm sure you have!) and make this one the one for keeps. All the best.

Lisa x


Hey Zoe,

It's good to have you back with us :)

Are you using anything this time or is it CT?



Hi Dottie,

I'm using leftover Champix from last time, but don't know if my doctor will give me anymore so will have to plan for that just in case. Have enough for about another two and a half weeks though. And feel much more positive this time, apart from a temper tantrum a while ago cos I couldn't find my potatoes lol don't ask :D:rolleyes:

Zoe xx


Well I think your doctor should prescribe them to you again as you are obviously serious about quitting and need the help, maybe make an appointment and have a chat with them.

Potatoes & fried egg by any chance??? ha ha ha ha ;)


Yeah he might give me them cos he hasn't prescribed any since before Christmas, so fingers crossed. And when I see him on Monday I will be in Day 10 (lol cross everything for that one :eek:) which would show committment. Might just commit me though lol :p

And yes, defo fried potatoes, not sure if I fancy an egg today though, and anyway I feel like a cake. Making one that is, not feeling as if I am one lol ;)

Zoe xx


Tee Hee :D

Baking a cake - what a fab idea - will be nice and relaxing and not to mention yummy yummy - I had a big slab of chocolate cake last night and boy did it taste good



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