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No Smoking Day
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Day 23

OOOh day 23 for me, and for some reason today i feel a bit weepy! aww!

This is my first posting, as only just come across this site.

I stopped on the 23 October, the previous night after having a ciggie, (which i didnt enjoy), i just thought why am i doing this and thought thats it. I was thinking of NRT but didnt so have gone cold turkey i did find the first few days tough but here i am after 3 weeks and it is much easier now, except that in some ways some symptoms seem worse( if that makes sense), the cravings are much easier now, but i just feel so weepy which i didnt in the begining!!! I.m not sure if ive saved any money, as ive probably spent it all on chocolate!!;)

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Oh I Had A Awful Time Of It The Other Day But Got No End Of Support Here. I Think It Was More Deprssion Than Anything. I Quit 18th Oct And Im On Patches, So You Are Doing Fantastic Cold Turkey. Give Yourself A Treat. I Went Shopping And Got Grankids Bits And Bobs And A Lot Of Xmas GLittery Bits. Worked Wonders Ha! Hang In There Your A Ledgend. X


Seaburn Welcome to our little family. I get up and down days too. I think its just partand parcel of it all. But as time goes on there are a hell of alot MORE GOOD DAYS THANBAD. If youre able have a nice warm drink and a short nap. I don't reckon this weather helps either lol!


Congratulations, we'll soon be seing you in the next rrom. I've just completed 50days cold turkey, again like you it was a thought that I didn't like it anymore so why should I continue. Good luck and keep coming back and reading other peoples stories, they really help if your having an off day.



Thanks all for your replies and your support!!

I havnt visited this site since my last posting....busy bee!! and shouldnt be here now really as supposed to be working on an assignment that has to be submitted on the 14th! (Thought it was a good idea when i started the degree...keep my mind off the ciggies!!, now i think at my age i'm too old for all this stress!)

I have now reached day 47....and still in one piece!!...have not had any blips but have had 'thoughts' of a ciggie.. when things have stressed me out i must be honest i have thought of one, but then i think well that wont solve the problem will it?!! the other reason i dont is the thought of starting at day one again...ive got here now SO NO POINT IN GOING BACK!! :)

Quit date 23rd October 2007

Method - Cold Turkey

Blips - 0


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