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day 18

day 18 has finally arrived. tried a few times before to quit but always used some excuse to go back on it last time managed 3 weeks but the heartburn got to me making me more irritable than the giving up the cigarettes.

so the last few days have been getting to me using the patches but had cravings i felt nearly constantly some days so instead of buying cigarettes i bought the inhaler which is working fine if i needed a nicotine surge

last night was out with family with 2 smokers they went outside to get a smoke and i followed them to used my phone of course they offered me one and the highlight of my week was i said i quit so no thanks i felt this was lift i needed to be able to refuse one.

only thing is heartburn kicked in early this time nothing worked the last time to shift it but those new galviscon cool are working so far.

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Well Done you are doing great and you sound so positive.

I have suffered from heartburn too but must say its not been as bad the last couple of days.


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