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Day 18 - Put to the test

Last night I had an emotional time of things. I felt down and my addiction took the opportunity to slip in and whisper in my ear. It took the chance to suggest that it doesn't matter. Everything is awful so why not just smoke again. It was the perfect mix for disaster.

The good news is, I did not listen to it. I stared it down and and realized that, even though I felt like rubbish, this was going to be the one thing I was going to get right. I've worked too hard to get this far. I did not want to regret this one. So I vigorously chewed some cinnamon gum until my jaw hurt and then got some sleep.

I don't normally suffer from such an emotional state as this and I was wondering if an increase in emotions is common in the quit.

Question for you:

Have you notice an increase in emotions during your quit?

For those a bit further into the quit, does it get better?

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Hi Riversong. I feel that the act of smoking is one way of avoiding or "sucking down" emotion. Since quitting, emotions and insights have occurred for me which seem to be as a direct consequence of no longer smoking. So in that sense I have been more emotional since quitting.

Initially that process of unfolding emotion was unwelcome, it was difficult, and I really wished it wasn't happening. That has changed now, and I regard it as me being better emotionally informed than I was when I smoked - which has got to be a good thing.

It does get does get does get easier.

One thing that's worth adding is: it does get easier.

PS Very well done for handling the smoking urges the way you did, and not having one.


Hi River

My emotions were a mess at the start so I would say it is normal part of quitting. I do not shed a tear normally and hadn't for years to be honest but my word the beginning!!!!......sheesh!

It really does get better...honestly.

People always told me that and I always thought they were just being nice....

They weren't .... they were being honest :)

Hang in there

You CAN do this

Take care



I am soooo emotional! Last weekend I cried over the smallest things (and no, it had nothing to do with female hormones!) I have found myself feeling more down than usual but agree its because we are used to 'sucking our emotions down'.

I remain confident that it will get better! :)


I am really starting to see how I used fags for the purpose of pushing emotions down. I swear I smoked any time an emotion popped up, good or bad. If I was upset I would have a puff, if i was happy I would puff away, bored...yep another puff. It is uncomfortable to have to deal with these emotions but I hope that, like the cravings, the more I face them head on the easier it will get.

Thank you guys for sharing. It helps so much to know I am not alone and to be reminded that ti does get better.



Hiya river,

And congrats on ur success so far, long may it continue. I'm lucky in that my emotions haven't went haywire. Not down or too irritable. I've found a new sense of humour though - no joke. Me and the bf have been getting in really silly not proper arguments and we just end up bursting out laughing! I feel sometimes restless like I've got energy I need to put somewhere but I don't know where. But me and him together we end up just having a laugh!! Even though it may start as a tiff! And that endless energy feeling, not knowing where to put it or what it is, just a new energy that's just appeared...I enjoy that in my work...but its certainly lessened so over the days/weeks I've quit! But its still there slightly! And I like it :-) hope it stays!!!

Another massive bonus and its not an emotion but its a mega thing....we now have now that we've quit....TIME. I read on here that each fag takes approx 5 mins to smoke so if u smoked 20 a day that's almost 2 extra hours u have each day. Now at the start that may be a bugbear but I'm now starting to relish all this extra time I have :-) its ammaazziinngg!

Anyway well done, keep up the good work and keep us posted and keep the questions coming! I think we all need to make an effort to keep posting as it will keep us focussed and help motivate new quitters :-)



All I can say is I am on day 16 and its been horrible the last couple of days... As I understand it does go through highs and lows... in the very beginning u are eager to get going and positive.... I think at this sort of time into the quit that we are at we've lost the excitement and positivity but I believe it does come back again in a couple of weeks lets hope so cos this is no fun at all :/

Big congrats for not giving in to Nick O'tine...... (the swine) you should be really proud of yourself

Keep Going :) :) :) :)


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