No Smoking Day
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day 8

or is it day 9 quit on wed 17th oct at 11.45pm so for the life of me cant work out what day im on.just finished my 2nd 12 hour night shift only had about 5 hours kip in 48 hours so a bit confused lol.

my brain keeps telling me to get up,never mind still no cigs for me didnt crave last night but did think about them which seems odd cos i dont want one,must be the nic monster playing tricks on me but he aint going to win.

kept having strange memorys which i had forgoten about like when i met my wife for the first time but for some reason i can remember smoking just before talking to her and that was 19 years ago.

all me thoughts last night seemed to contain me having a cig.

must be part of the stop smoking withdrawls,but like i said i dont miss it.

sorry to ramble on each day but i find this forum helps me (something to look forward to like a diary)

well thats me story for today


ps when a smoker comes into my place of work i am like a old preacher.

repent sinner and cast the demon out of you.

they must think im mad but it makes me laugh inside to myself

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Hello Hoot..Dont be sorry it is the ramblings what help each other..I agree it is like a diary I cant get online each day but when i do get the chance I love to read about everyones experiences good and bad and maybe put my twopenneth in:D Keep going hoot we are all doing well:D:D behappyxx


well done Hoot!

You are almost past the evil period! Hang in there with the rest of us...we WILL beat this demon!:mad: You should be very proud!

Day 26 and counting!:D

Not smoked for: 0Y 3W 4D 2H 44M not smoked: 251 Cigarettes. Saving me £ 67.81. I will now live longer by: 0Y 0W 0D 20H 5M. I Quit on the:. Monday, October 01, 2007 6:00:26 AM.


day 11

well last 2 days been a bit up and down(nope havent smoked and wont)

biggest problem im having now is,getting funny sort of horrible taste in the back of my's like the syliva is tasting funny cant really explain it but sweets, gum, mouthwash dont seem to help and it also seems to go up my nose cant seem to explain what i mean(bit like when you get catarrh.


hope so cos i aint stoped eating trying to get rid of the taste raw cabbage seems to help


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