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56 days 8 weeks boooom! :)


8 weeks today can hardly believe it! I haven't smoked 831 cigs, I've saved £309 and I have added 3 days 8 hours and 24 mins to my life! :)

My next goal is to beat my longest quit which is 73 days.... Little goals, massive achievements :)

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I do truly believe that this time you're going all the way to the Penthouse Donna! :D

May your Month Three be an easy and wonderful one. :)

Thanks ladies :) I have a good feeling too, although still irritable today and want to hide away but I won't act on it as I know tomorrow could be wonderful again :) xx

Well done Donna the worst is over now just keep saying NOPE. No matter what happens or how bad you feel remember: smoking is not an option.

You're done with it.

I am not going to have a single puff of a cigarette, that way I cannot fail, no matter how bad I may feel sometimes your right Sue I just need to stick to NOPE X

Just keep going Donna, doing so very well, you can easily beat your last quit.

Doing fantastic, just keep going:)

Well done you :D

Posit thinking will get you to where you want to be Donna :o

This is the one Donna - you will smash your record and beyond - really happy for you :)

Well done Donna, 8 weeks is amazing. Spend your savings on something nice :):)

well done Donna! Im looking up to you :)

Half century is a true milestone, keep your guard up, and I think you should sail past your last record, and into the century. :D

Thank you all so much for your kind words, I know without a shadow of a doubt without this forum I wouldn't have made it this far, this place really does do wonders...... Even though we don't "know" each other I feel accountable to you all somehow, we really are a forum family :D:D xx


Oh well done Donna you are doing so well :) x

Yay Donna!

You are doing fab:D nailed the 8 week mark and I have no doubts you'll smash the next milestone too! Just keep going:) xx

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