No Smoking Day

Debunking Needed

Hello all,

This will probably be my only posting here. I quit smoking in late May of this year. After being a smoker for 13 years I figured it was time to save some cash, I threw my pack out the window driving home from work and never smoked again. I have recently read something that disturbed me. It was a post in another forum from an individual who claimed to be a doctor. He stated that the air sacs in a persons lungs do not repair themselves after quitting, this seemed to be in direct violation of what I was lead to believe by many people including health professionals. If this is true it will really hurt :confused: , can anyone help me?


Also, If you could enlighten me on any other irreversible damage that smoking does to your body.

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Hello and Welcome!

Grats on your quit,

That will brighten many people here,

That life goes on and it can be done!!

Grats x x x x

As for the doc side of stuff I have noooo idea at all!!

I wouldn't take as read, such important matters.

I would advise you make a routine doctors appointment and ask a professional face to face!

There is a possibility of irreversible damage but there are many factors involved and is different from person to person.

Smoking for 13 years isn't a long time compared to many so I would assume the damage would be less.

Most of the health issues associated with smoking are apparent in those who are currently smoking.

By quitting smoking you have changed the course of your life for the better and your health will benefit from that!! no doubts about that!

~Buffy x x


Thank you for your encouraging words.



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