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Need a new vice... any suggestions?

So I'm smoke free. I don't drink more than a couple of glasses of wine a week, haven't for years. I've stopped stuffing my face and am cycling to work to get back into shape...

... I'm way too boring. Worried I might fall off the quit wagon just to be bad!

I'm almost entirely joking. But one of the reasons I used to smoke was because it was the last little bit of rebel left in me.

Feeling far too virtuous. Any suggestions for some new vices I can take up? :D

I look forward to some imaginative answers, don't get too filthy and get yourself banned though ;)

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Ok without being to obscene how about calorie and fat free choccy, and when you find it let me know so I can get some.

Like you I very rarely drink and thought of smoking as my one enjoyment, but after I had done the year I didnt miss it in the same way and still only drink the odd glass of wine, just off to top up my gallon glass

In the meantime off you go and find something to keep you occupied, arent you married???


arent you married???


Yes, but you can't be doing that ALL the time!


Yes, but you can't be doing that ALL the time!

No I dont suppose you can, decorating would get pretty boring after doing it all day every day, you did mean decorating didnt you?? not


whats left?:o:p


Not much. Is it just me or is that really depressing? I think I need to go to a festival and score some shrooms or something :p




i went through a phase of feeling like this

just wanted to do something real real bad

it did pass abit but i still feel it bubbling inside me waiting for its moment


You could run naked at a golf tournament.....

and if that's too much enjoy the shrooms!

This made me laugh lol


Bella! Streaking! That is a GENIUS idea.


streaking definately feels like it would fulfill the hunger to do something naughty and bad

am gonna have to get on with this diet first lol i dont wanna be a chubby streaker


Are you a lady from a background of pearls?

You could sing for a while in three-octave harmonica style, or paint dragons on guitars...

My only vice is the fantastic price I charge for being eaten alive :D

Steve Harley, circa the 70's.



Here comes the vicemeister!!!

If you want some really bad:

1. Have a threesome

2. Go to a stripclub, order a lap dance and touch all the time.

3. Get a baseball bat and total the car of the guy that takes your parking space.

If you want to be faithful to your wife and not be doing anything illegal:

1. Get a mean looking harley davidson style bike.

2. Start training boxing.

3. Publish Alex's pictures in his mankini in his local newspaper.

Wait no.

3. Listen to rock music real loud and maybe get black leather jacket, military boots, sunglasses and throw a rock style party.

I got 101 more vices for you, so if that's not enough just ask



Don't have a wife (I am a wife!) and don't drive, so most of those aren't really appealing.

Although I do like the idea of the midlife-crisis style leather outfit.

Or maybe PVC.

Food for thought.


Oh, you are a woman!


Well my 101 list is for single men, but I guess I can think of something for married woman:

1. Get tattoo - sexy + expressing yourself

2. Get piercing - sexy

3. Change appearance and you will feel "bold" - for example if you are a blonde, dye your hair black and vice versa.

Actually these are all appearance changes. You can try some activities considered bad - poker with some friends(be male or female), pool in some clubs or why not shooting (it releaves stress too).

Thumbs up for all girls that wanna be bad ;)


i am liking the baseball bat one


Me ! I could be your vice!


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