No Smoking Day
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Adamski's Second Day

Morning All you lovely people.

Well i got a good nights sleep, took me an hour to go but the Nytol really helped, cravings seem stronger today but the Microtabs are really helping me to control them, did not really miss the cannabis too much , but i had acheing joints last night in bed, thought about having a fag but a hot of hot chocolate seemed to put my mind at rest.

I appear to be really hungry this morning, i am very slim so im not worried about putting on weight in fact it might do me good!.

I cant believe that it is going so well, i imagined it would be so much harder as i have not gone for so long without a ciggy since i was a small child, dont think i could have got this far without my gorgeous wife, my smoking nurse and of course you great peeps.

Thankyou so much for your replys they really really help and my wife is really happy, hopefully we can resume normal relations soon as my bits down below are really working well now i have cut out the booze, i may go down my local club tonite to watch the footie to see how having a beer with no fags is, i have to try it sooner or later so sooner rather than later im sure i will be fine with the help of my microtabs.

Thankyou all so much again, i will update soon with how my day has gone.


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you must be a strong willed chap if you can go to the pub.

because thats when i loved a cig (when having a drink) even though i had to smoke outside.

so i will be staying away from my fosters until i feel a bit stronger.

once again well done :D :D :D


I think i will see it as a treat to myself, i will be fine, i have to see what its like i will have my microtabs they really are ace.

I will let you know how i get on



I agree :D

You will be fine anyway it's no smoking inside which makes it easier.

It is a reward too!

Well deserved one at that x x x

Enjoy your smoke free beer and footy Adam x x x x

Well done for getting through with hot chocolate last night :D

~Buffy x x


Struggling Now

Im really struggling now, just took my 1 year old to play group and i felt spaced out and all i could think of was smoking, my thoughts were why does it have to be bad for you i enjoy it so much, i think i may have overdosed on microtabs as i feel kinda funny.

Now im home i feel better im gonna have some food maybe that will help, Day 2 is harder than Day1 and i have heard Day 3 is harder still, as im writing this i fell calmer about it all, i wont let mtself, my wife and my kids down i must overcome!!



Your doing really well. You will one minute think its easy and then the next it hits you and you cannot think of anything but smoking. This will pass.

I found drink a big glass of cold water ehlped when i was craving in the first few days.

It does get better honest. May not seem like it now but i am on day 19 and i really am hardly thinking about it. I am using patches too.


Well Done Adam your attitude is winning!!

Bare in mind that a physical crave lasts 3 minutes.

By switching from what you are doing when the craves starts, to doing something totally different for 10 minutes you will become preoccupied by the new task x x x x

And as Flippy says sipping water is a very good crave curber! it also is very good for you and will help your energy levels.

Maybe write the reasons down or keep a picture to hand of your wife and son to help remember why you are here and it is all good ;)

~Buffy x x



Had a couple of pints felt sooo much better, did not crave, people around me going outside and coming back stinking to high heaven never noticed before.

Had a very bad day felt awful, i dont want to smoke just want this strange feeling to go away, im sure it will, the beer helped and hopefully will sleep well tonite i think if i can get throught tommorrow i will be well on my way, shame about England but i have more pressing matters on my mind.

My fantastic wife has said that one night soon we will take the boys to my mum in laws and she will pay for us to go out and we will have a nice night if you know what i mean yeehaa what an incentive more determined now than ever,

Feel real good right now but im sure tommorrow is another day, and the challenge will stil be there, im kinda enjoying this in a sadistic kind of way.

Cant believe how bad people smell though.

Be back soon everyone this forum is ace thanks to you all

Adam x


It really smells nasty don't it. Yukk and to think we used to smell like that:o


You are doing fab. Adam Sometimes the cravings can be a KILLER !!! (geddit? or am I showing my age!!) Water is really good as Flippy says. Also another one is to squirt a jif lemon in your mouth when the smoke urge hits (honest) It seems to divert your thoughts from 'wishful thinking' to "What the!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........

Anyway you hang in there sweets.


You are doing fab. Adam Sometimes the cravings can be a KILLER !!! (geddit? or am I showing my age!!) Water is really good as Flippy says. Also another one is to squirt a jif lemon in your mouth when the smoke urge hits (honest) It seems to divert your thoughts from 'wishful thinking' to "What the!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........

Anyway you hang in there sweets.

:D hehehehe I geddit ;) bloody songs been going round me pea brained head since adam joined! rofl beats boogiebeebies I guess :confused:

Your solitary sister ;)

~Buffy x x


"Is ther still a part of you that wants to give"

I had the 12" version. Not that they have 12" cd's these days!!!!:(


hehehe ;)

My partner and I still buy 12"

and with ebay and online vinyl stores it beats the hell out of hours and hours of traipsing around record markets!

we don't have a proper cd player only the laptop, our main source of sounds is a double technics deck n mixer set up in the front room :D

We have 8 shelves full of vinyl which is around 2k :eek:

And his mums loft holds even more!!

we never let it go :rolleyes:

Arrrrggghhhh gues we is old


Fantastic ! We cleared our loft afew years ago and found all our old lps(I just LUURRVE Soul to Soul and Luther Vandross) Anyway Emma saw them and tried to put them on her cd player and couldn't understand why they didn't it!!! Of course being 11 (at the time) she had always grown up with cd's - she'd NEVER seen an LP:eek: or a single !



oooh soul II soul is one of my abso faves :) sounds as good today as it did back then 'timeless'

I put that on often when the sun is out :)

I used to wear their gear too :rolleyes: 80's chav lol

Loved luther too, 'never too much' mind :D hehehe


"Back to life,back to reality..........................

I also liked Inner City - remember 'Good Life/'



Im into all of that inner city, acid house, soul 2 soul, all excellent stuff, its great to hear that you are into the same thing as me, adamski did one album and it was also awesome, loads of piano riffs and bassline.

Im now going to start my thread on Day 3.




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