Adamski Day 3

Hi All

Well i must say i feel great this morning, but the day has just began and i am not thinking fag, fag, fag anymore, i feel calm happy and kinda different, really hungry, no cravings so far all as well, but i know full well this could all change in a moment.

A good nights sleep was had, thanks to Nytol, next week i will try to do without, dont want to get addicted to something else now do i!

Hot chocolate also works well.

I think my worst time of day is mid morning and the early evening, but i thought day 3 was supposed to be bad, but so far i feel really really good.

I really cannot see myself smoking any more.

Thanks to you all of you who given me the encouragement and support, i could not have got this far without you.

Adam x

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  • Way to go Adamski - well done!!!

    You seem to be coping really well, and you realise that you will have harder times and therefore you will be prepared.

    Day 3 will fly by - you'll soon be clocking up the weeks like me!!!

  • Hi Adam

    Glad youre still doing ok. As to day 3 being bad - I'm not sure I truly beleive that (or week 3 for that matter) I think alot of it has got to do with how the individual is coping with their quit - state of mind,attitude etc. I didn't really notice any difference on day 3 to be honest.Day 6 was a bit of a Killer though (sorry,there I go again!!!! Couldn't resist!!!!) Just treat today like any other. The last thing you want to is "invent" bad things just cause you reckon they're gonna happen. Don,t think "aagh day 3 and wait for something awful to occur - cos it might not. Go with the flow Adam. You'll be ok matey!

  • Absolutely x x

    we are all different and that is reflected in our quits!!

    Positive mental attitude accounts for a lot!!

    Keep on going! your doing fantastic x x

    ~Buffy x x

  • You're Doing Brill Adam!!

    adam WELL DONE!!!:cool:

    i think you'll be just fine!! keep with the positive thoughts you're doin great!!

    hope you have a good day! STICK WITH IT MATE!


  • OK

    Still fine just a few minor cravings, you ladies have kept my mind of things with your outrageous flirting hehe:o

    Day 3 was better than expected so i think i will be ok still miss smoking but determined not to give in.


  • Well Boudee maybe i got the wrong end of the stick!, i thought it was you and Buffy:D :D

    By the way just having an almighty crave, im stuck in the house with my boys and they are going crazy!!

    I have cleaned and i really fancy a smoke right now help meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • That might actually help me right now:D

  • Its passing now im cooking their dinner keeping my mind of it and chatting to u too

    Thanks for being here for me

  • Bet its a KILLER! of a tea (sorry,couldn't resist)


  • ROFL! Karen leave it!! hahahaha :D

    Ahh Boudee saved the day again x x x x

    tis a hard day Adam you have done damn fine hun x x

    By the way I cooked chilli con carne tonight yummy too :)

    Hang on in there Adam the wife and kids deserve you at your prime x x

    Lucky them ;) hehehehe

    ~Buffy x x

  • That might actually help me right now

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!ADAM!!!! U CAN'T HAVE SEX!!(whats that??:o )

    if you do that!! you'll want a smoke after!!:D (well they do on the telly:D )

    be strong!!


  • So does that mean none of us can ever have sex ever again???:eek: :eek:

  • Oh my god i forgot i love a fag after making love, it stops my head spinning!

    That will be a test!

  • Nah my Mrs normally falls asleep afterwards cos shes knackered so not much chance of that!!!

  • Dunno she says once is all she needs, whether thats good or bad i dont know!

  • once a month if im lucky and a good boy;)

  • Why? dont go quite on me!

  • nope :rolleyes:

    Sorry i dont understand

  • ok thats cool

  • just like that !!!! :eek:

    wow i stand in awe :p

    Just respecting your wishes:)

  • Already married sorry!

  • Yeah it was:o

  • She'd eat you for dinner!

    Lucky escape if you ask me Adam! :p

  • oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!! you are not supposed to tell people what I eat for dinner

    jeese Buff I am gonna tell them what you eat for supper if you carry on !!! :confused: :D

    *Insert ~ A very funny rofl smillie like one of boudees*

    hehehehehehe :D

  • Threads like over 24hrs old :p no ones reading it :rolleyes: :D

  • Boudee - aren't you already married via this forum?

    Where did funky run off too?

  • Im completely lost now whats going on, :eek:

  • Sh*t blown your cover Boudee - sorry!!!:D :D

  • Wow - It looks as though I have missed a lot of chit chat around here. I heard the words 'eat you', 'sex' and 'supper' and I came running :rolleyes: :p

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