No Smoking Day

I am still about!!!

Hello everyone,

Haven't been on in a couple of days. As some of you may know my dad has been quite ill over the last months. Lung and liver cancer. Their last projection last Friday was 3 months.

Unfortunatley he died on Wednesday morning.

Am feeling a little relieved as he will no longer be in any pain. Have had my cry and am now getting on with sorting through his affairs with the help of my brother and sister. I am not devastated but will miss him dearly. He was a pain in the arse most of the time but now I'm gonna miss that part of him the most.

Also wanted to say that almost had a cigarette on Wednesday. The only thing that was stopping me was my mum who refused to let me have one. I'm glad she did as I would of regretted it and wouldn't of enjoyed it.

My dad was a heavy drinker and smoker and it was the smokes that got him in the end. Please bear in mind that all this started after I gave up smoking on 1st July. Before then he was fine. It took him in 3 months.

If you ever have the urge to have a smoke, please remember my dad. I hope it may help.

Thanks, Barney

R.I.P. Norbert Falk 10/01/1945 - 10/10/2007

I have been quit for 3 Months, 1 Week, 5 Days, 7 hours, 52 minutes and 9 seconds (104 days). I have saved £193.00 by not smoking 1,564 cigarettes. I have saved 5 Days, 10 hours and 20 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 01/07/2007 00:00

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So sorry to read about your dad Barney. I'm only on day 11 but am determined never to smoke ever again. When I was younger I confess that like most young people then we nver really thought about the health issues. 25yrs later and wife and mother to a young teenage girl and |I realise how much I would like to see my grandkids (if I have any) .I also realise this ain't gonna happen if I carry on damaging my body by smoking so that makes me even more determined to stop. Thankyou for sharing your story Barney and I wish you and your family peace and blessings.

*hugs* Karen x


Dear Barney

So sorry to hear your news.

This will stick in my mind as that was my new quit date and i hope it will help others to.

I used to chat to you before , way back in July.

I quit for 11 weeks last time.

I`m on patches again but this time it seems so much easier.

No craves like i used to get.

Last quit was so hard for first 3 weeks.

You did really well not to smoke. Good old mum.Mums are always right.

Barb x


R.I.P. Norbert Falk 10/01/1945 - 10/10/2007

Hey Barney x x x x x x x x

100 virtual *hugs* sent your way x x x

Glad you feel the relief and that your going through the process x x x

I have cried a few tears I have to admit x x

My thoughts are very much with you at this time x x x x

~Buffy x x x x x x x x x x



Very sorry to hear about your dad, as you said its a relief as he wont be in any pain.

Glad to hear that you resisted the ciggies but i would have found it hard if it had been my dad.

best wishes


Sorry to hear your news barney ....... big hug xxxxx


I am very sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family during this trying time in your life. Well done for being so super strong on Wed. and not smoking a cig. Your Mom knows what she has and she doesn't want to lose you! You should be very proud of yourself.

Hugs for you!!


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