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No Smoking Day
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Day 20

Mornign everyone, I've just had to count how many days it is since I had my last ciggie. Before I knew just how many hours and mins it was so really pleased I had forgotten. 20 days doesn't seem long but it feels like a lifetime, can't remember what it was about smoking that used to get me standing in the garden in all weathers, mostly rain for a smoke.

Sleeping is getting better, the insomnia has started to fade, so I'm really starting to feel the physical benefits, yesterday had to do a survey for work which involved walking over 15miles and instead of getting home and collapsing in a heap I felt very invigorated, although tired because with the driving to it was a really long day, even the muscles are less tired this morning.

Where do I post next week, I won't be on week 3 or into month 3 yet?

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Sorry meant month 2 yet?:confused:


Grats go free :D

You're doing great!! you can enjoy the winter without freezing yourself standing outside smoking :D

Ahhh this is a true mystery of the forum :rolleyes: where is week 4?!!

hehehehe don't know the answers, I have hired a few detectives but they keep hitting a dead end.

Affraid you have to hang out in week 3 albeit week 4!!

We'll know how well you're doing ;)

~Buffy x x


I know, I know - well kinda!! When I hit week 4 (1 month) I had the same question about the rooms and I was told to post in month 2 because i was then in the 2nd month of my quit. Soooo, i listened and posted in the month 2 room. I still think they should make a 1 month room :confused:


No ns4m lollol That's different!!!!!!

Week 4 is missing because after week 3 the next room is month 2

The day1 day2 day3 days 4-7 week 2 week 3 are all part of month 1!

Month 1 is broken down into the above categories!!

After week 4 you go into month 2 as it is your second month of quitting!!


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