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Day 18 CO2 levels

Hi All

Can't believe it - on Day 18 with the support of Champix and this site.

I had a check up today at the Doc's. They measured my CO2 levels but after expecting further reductions, todays went up! I was gutted as I had not had even a little puff or anything.

I am blaming it on my "still smoking" hubby. Before the last check up I was in the spare bed poorly for over a week. Now I am better and in the same bed again - hey presto, CO2 goes up again!

I have now said that he has to go in the spare bed until he stops smoking! Do you think it will help him stop also....OR will he just be happy about getting all the quilt! :eek:

He doesn't smoke near me or the little one but it makes you think though... if my CO2 levels have gone up, then Steffi's CO2 levels must be effected also.

Its awful to think about how just your smokey breath can effect others around you even if they don't smoke next to you!

Anyone had similer experiences?

Only been married for 3 months & planning seperate beds already!:confused: :(

I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 18 hours, 4 minutes and 18 seconds (17 days). I have saved £59.99 by not smoking 230 cigarettes. My Quit Date: 17/09/2007 03:30

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I don't think seperate beds are the answer. It will only cause a rift in the marriage, especially since you are newlyweds. Find another approach, like outside, not around you and the kids...etc.


Hi Cindy

Not quite at the seperate beds stage - honestly ;)

Mind you - I wouldn't mind being able to hog all of the quilt on occasion :p

He doesn't smoke near us or in the house though, so not sure why CO2 has gone up? I will see how it is on the next check up just in case it is a blip and get more info from the doctor on how CO2 can stay in the system?

Thank you though. It has made me think from your reply that I forget we are newlyweds as we have known each other for so long (23 years) but been together for approx 6yrs and can forget to spend time together for just me/him without the little one but that issue is probably for another forum:o

Take care n thanks again


I understand what you mean. Tony and I were married this past June and r newlyweds also although we have been together for almost 8 years. Doesn't feel like newlyweds does it? I don't feel like one. I steal all the covers.

Yes, the co2 could of been a false reading. that happens all the time. have it checked again.


You definetely have the right idea!

Take care

Carol :D



I don't think seperate beds is the answer - I've been with my husband for 18 years but we only got married 7 years ago - yes it took 11 years and four kids before we got round to it!!!

Actually i've had odd CO readings that don't make sense - if he doesn't smoke near you I don't believe that's the cause - I cycle alot and find that vehicle fumes affect my readings sometimes....but don't worry about higher readings than you would expect - you know you haven't smoked and that's what really matters.

Best wishes



I think that I should appologise for my sense of humour (poor/sad)

I was only joking about the seperate beds thing honestly. I have not banished him to the spare room (only do that when either of us have flu - but have been tempted when his snoring gets so loud it keeps me awake ;)

It will be interesting to see what the levels are on the next check up!

We both work on a Chemical site - wonder if that has any impact?:rolleyes:

It was how we met those 23yrs ago...awww...

At the docs, they have put me back to a higher dose (even though I told them of poor sleep / dreams and was managing on the lower dose). I will give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they believed me when I told them I hadn't had any smokes at all and see how I react on the higher Champix dose again. If struggling too much I will reduce again.

Probably putting too much into seeing the CO2 reducing - as you say, the main thing is not having any smokes (or anyone smoking near the little one)



I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 4 Days, 17 hours, 54 minutes and 58 seconds (18 days). I have saved £63.35 by not smoking 243 cigarettes. My Quit Date: 17/09/2007 03:30


Hi Carol - Yep I too have a strange sense of humour ( I wasn't taking you seriously but reading back my post did look that way!)- I'd love to send my other half to the spare room when he's all garliced out- ooh vile boy - but actually we don't have a spare room so no luck there then!! - unless I could lock him in the pantry!!

Personally I stuck with the not sleeping/bad dreams for a few weeks but it does get to you in the end... there's no one answer..good luck and make sure you get at least 75% of the quilt!!!!

Love Loops


Cheers buddy and heres to hoggin the sheets! :D

Will keep you posted

Luv carol


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