Captains log stardate 03102007

Yes i am bored hence title no i am not a big star trek fan i like the original series and the series with that fit blonde in it the borg 7 of 9 how dare they only give her 7 i thought she deserved at least a 9 so she should have been called 9 of 9 i didnt think it was possible to stretch lycra that much how can such a small piece of lycra cover so much body Cor . i am more a doctor who fan cant beat the daleks and the zybermen i am just a big kid at heart.

Day 97 i think into month4 amazing, i actually feel like a non smoker now still on the champix for a while i am on one full dose tablet a day, and dctor is going to give another 2 weeks half dose tablet then finish. i cant weight to come of the tablets and get rid of the bloating, horrible smelly wind and get a decent nights sleep. My next aim is to lose all the weight i have put on so that will keep my mind busy.

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  • CONGRATS - DAY 97 SUPER!!!!!




  • WELL DONE SHELLFISH - what a star.........I bet your so proud of yourself - you could fart!!!:) :)

  • Ewww - whew thank god I'm no where near! :rolleyes:

  • Its great to read how, ppl are thinking when they are bored:D

    Well done for day 97. Only 3 more days and you've got a century.

    BTW got to agree with you about, Doctor who is better then Star trek. Esp this doctor, I'd be his assistant anyday.:o

  • Thanks for making me laugh so hard..

    I just wanted to wish you the very best with your quit and tell you that your post made me laugh when I was just starting to feel very, very sorry for myself.

  • Thanks to every1 for your support, This forum has been a great help to me.

    I wish every1 all the best for their own quit, i never thought i would be able to quit as i had tried everything with no joy. Thanks to Champix and this site i have managed to quit and i feel like a non smoker now and after getting this far i am determined not to smoke again, its just a shame Champix wasnt around years ago.

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