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I hit a turning point last night

Ok, as said before my quit day is Friday, but last night I really hit a point where i was talking about it all and I realised I really really don't wanna smoke anymore!

At the moment i feel sick everytime i do put one in my mouth, when i am smoking it i feel disgusting!

Today has been a good one for me, with Friday coming closer i've started to cut down ready for it, normally by this time in work i'd have already snuck out for 3 cigi's, today i've only had the one.

I really really want to do this, i wanna use all my strength to get through my first week and carry on smoke free!

Last time i tried to quit i was not this determined so i'm hoping it means that this quitting time is the last time!!!:o

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Good for you!! You can do it this time! You sound very determined and that will be a huge help for you. Just remember how you feel right now when you are having a rough day after you quit. Good for you!


Good for you Louise. Stay focoused and strong. Lots of lemon water


Well Done Louise!!

Keep Focused - One day at a time.

You can do it - you really really can.

We are all behind you.



Glad for you that you have found a new determination. We need to hold on to these feelings and use them as weapons in the days to come.


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