No Smoking Day

Quit last night

hi all

only been smoking 4 years, on about 25 a day.

i had my last fag just before midnight last night and put my patch on this morning, im on 24hr nicotinel patches but will only wear them while im awake - heard to many stories about nightmares!

so - 18 hours in, struggling a bit, keep eating sweets and trying to keep busy. its not been the best day to quit as its my day off work today, hopefully tomorrow will be a bit easier as ill be back at work.

hope to see you in day 2, 3 etc!


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Hi Muzzy

Welcome aboard.

I am on 24 hr patch and also remove mine at night. I`m on day 16 and still find it hard sometimes , but it is getting easier. I have not craved or thought about it today.

Stick with it. You will get lots of support on here especially from Buffy.

Barb x


Hello Muzzy and welcome x x

Well Done on making the decision to quit smoking. It's not easy granted but you're doing all the right things and scoffing sweets is more than acceptable when you are not smoking! :D just keep busy and reward yourself with your new found funds! :D

Keep us posted and keep up the good work ~Buffy x


Welcome Muzzy

Good luck on your quit its is hard the first few days but things do get better. I myself used patches for the full 12 weeks and found them a great help but the best help is the support on here keep us posted . your almost on day two already. Love Linda xx


just updating my first post on here.

im now on day 11, still on the patches (14mg) and feeling better every day :)

i think about having a fag a lot less every day, im down to thinking about it once every few hours now, as oppose to every few minutes to start with :eek:

enjoying my healthier life and looking forward to saving a small fortune every month.

thanks for all the support so far, see you all in week 3 (i hope!)


Well done Muzzy :D

So glad you feeling the benefits it helps keep positive!

We WILL see you in week3 :D

~Buffy x x x x


Well done Muzzy The time gose so fast Keep going Linda xxx


thanks everyone, im now into week 3.

today i had a puff on a ciggie :eek:

dont worry, i wasnt planning on having a fag, my misses who is also quitting with me keeps having the occasional fag, shes had about 10 to 15 over the last 2 weeks, considering she was on 15 to 20 a day she is doing well.

anyway, she was a bit stressed so went outside for a rolly, i waited until she had lit it then i took it from her and took 1 drag just to see what it tasted like. It was mank, as i thought it would be after not having one for 2 weeks.

I said to her why the hell did we smoke, it tastes like cr@p, makes you smell like cr@p, no good for your health or others around us and costs us a fortune!

her reply was "i dunno" but she carried on and finished the ciggie off! :rolleyes:

everytime i feel like i want a ciggie from now on im going to read this post just to remind me why i gave up!


Well done.:D

I think that's the biggest hurdle in the early weeks...when you slip and then decide to keep going rather than give up giving up.

Just keep going!!!:)


Thats very true h82bgirly, and welcome to the site ;)

You should print out your post and frame it Muzzy hehehe

Well done for not taking anymore puffs! it is foul all foul!!

Keep up your strength ~Buffy x x


well the misses has had one more and then said "thats it, im quitting for good now, no more ciggies for me"

turned out the baccy has now all gone, that was convenient! :rolleyes:


Good for her!! :D I hope she succeeds x x

you're both lucky to have each other to lean on x x ~Buffy x x


shes been doing all the leaning :rolleyes:


hehe knew you was going to say something like that!!

MRS Muzzy & MR Muzzy

Aw sweet :D


thats a really sweet picture, but has no resemblence to us - she has flowers, i never buy my misses flowers :D


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