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Hmmm, cravings hit last nite

Rats, day # three was easy. Last night before bed cravings hit, oh well, and today before work. No worries in that smoking isn't an option, quite frankly, it's weird doing this online but it's great writing about it and getting support. :)

After reading about other people quitting, it's apparent, stress is not a good reason to smoke. Situations happen, and plenty of people don't smoke. That was a major excuse for me to smoke more. I figured because I don't drink, I was out of the woods for excuses. Whatever right? So, going to work, and wondering, how come people get cravings when supposedly nicotine is out of the bloodstream after 72 hrs. The brain still wants it? Hmm. Going to read more about this after work. Yaye, No smoking today!!!!!!!!!!!! Teresa xoxo -does feel tough today though. :( But I'm glad I quit. And I know eventually the cravings will go. Damn those tobacco companies. Unique design huh?!

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The brain is so complex..... nicotine is out of the body but for the brain it must be like a shock to the system when you quit..... all those chemicals changed things in the brain, and for it all to get back to 'normal' it takes a while..... then of course we've formed all those associations and it takes time to unlearn all of those.... definitely have a read about all this, it always helped me with my craves. Day 4 for you today? Great job so far, Teresa! This is a good site to check out WhyQuit


Well done getting to day 4. You are doing amazingly well, :) keep going.

Those quiet little moments we have where everything has gone dark and we are sat there wondering why we quit, if we'll stay quit, did we do the right thing, i miss it etc etc do pass, it;s a mixture of emotions in the early days.

Are you doing any exercise?


Thanks Bellablue, Yes, the brain would definitely have shock from the quick removal, that explains all the moodiness, insomnia etc. I'm going to check out more of the other site for info now as well. It's good to know all of this.

Hi Fallen, crap, what you wrote is so unbelievably true. I mean, driving to work yesterday, al I could think about was getting a decaff with vanilla creme and having a cig. Quite honestly. I couldn't believe it, it was all I could think about. And I just kept saying to myself,"No, you quit smoking, the cravings will go. You've got to ride it out." Along with, maybe I'll quit another time thoughts, all of what you said. How is it, I've never realized or been truthful, this is an addiction to a chemical, AND IT'S STRONG. Holy. Definitely a mixture of emotion, I know it'll pass. Wow.

And, I just remembered yesterday, the first time I quit, month before last ( I have way more info now, so it feels like a solid quit though tough) I tried sporadic uses of nicorette cinnamon flavour gum. It's no wonder I didn't feel all crazy the first time like I did yesterday. But I can only do this cold turkey now. For some reason, I just want it all out, and I want my brain to learn to live without it doing it by this method. Today early on was tough again and it's passed. All good signs, eventually, it will get easier and then just be gone. Sorry for the ramble and THANKYOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT!!!! VERY MUCH. OYE! Teresa xoxoxo


Teresa, sounds like you're on a good solid quit to me, not hanging on the bad bits and really bigging up the good. Course there's niggles along the way, but if you keep up this positive thinking then I think you're onto a good thing. And it does get easier, so keep at it, you're doing great.

Lorraine :)


Thanks Lorraine. Well all, in about 2 hrs I'll be out of my first week. Out of day 7 and into day 8.

I can't say it was all wine and roses, the cravings sometimes drove me nuts, but I've been doing enough reading to "embrace cravings", see it as a sign of healing. Everything. I don't want to sound redundant, but I just can't believe I never thought I was addicted to nicotine. Or wanted to look at it.

So, hasn't been easy, but this is my only option, that being an ex-smoker and early out, and again, I know it will get easier. No cravings this morning, or all day really, studied, went for a run, thought about it, but not the "I need a smoke right now", as the first few days dictated. I'll be back. Teresa :) xoxo


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