No Smoking Day
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hit an emotional unstable point

I hate the fact that I am feeling rather drunken and emotionally sensitive so as my default is that I want to smoke, for the security of doing so.

It creates that barrier in my head which I am not sure I feel any other time (the confidence don't muck with me barrier)

Makes me feel like no matter what happens, it will the there for me, my solidarity, my will, my way, like I have control.

I know I don't, and I am battling myself because I know it will make me feel like I have won the Euro millions tonight, when I know full well I have note.

I will resist, because I have to, because I am too stubborn not to if I want to quit, which in the cold light of day I want to, just right now I am of the mind that it does not matter, the outcome is still the same.

I know you will reply to this, and support me in ways I don't realise exist, but tomorrow I will feel like a fool because I am tipsey and feeling vulnerable and usually I feel so strong and positive and have very few issues with my quit

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Hi, Jenny. I hope your feeling better this morning, isn't this forum great, you did the right thing, put pen to paper so they say, instead of smoking.

Now that's a success ;););)


Jenny - we all go through these emotions when we quit smoking, it has an effect on people in different ways.

You did the right thing - you posted on here and got it all out.

Hope your feeling ok today :)


Hi Jenny,

My friend's father had a saying- 'When the drinks in, the wits out' and never was a truer word spoken. After we've sunk a few we're just that bit more vulnerable.

Glad that you posted and hopefully coming on the forum got you through the bad patch. Are you feeling better today?


yes thanks, not quite sure what came over me, thanks for your messages of support


Glad you're feeling better Jenny. :)


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