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Feel like I smoked 40 last night

Hi Quitters

Day 17 I think 40 years of smoking is kicking me up the ass

Got to the stage where my lungs are saying we don't want all this shit anymore :D

but if you look at the positive side I am not paying to cough and if there is such a thing ? Its a healthy cough :D

Also food tastes GREAT going to save a fortune on pepper and spices :cool:

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Well done you,

Over time the cough subsides, breathing improves etc

I remember eating a ready meal after I quit and my taste buds had improved to the extent that I could tell that it didn't taste good :o and ended up not buying some of the cheap own brand food for the same reason.


Haha I'm glad to hear you're doing OK and well on the way purging those poisins. And it's great to see you're still staying positive about it as well! Keep it up.


Well done quit buddy. My OH younger bruv told me that he was on patches but that they made his food taste funny. He said he had some chocolate and it didn't taste the same. I told him that he is now tasting the food as it should be and not like it was when he was smoking. Not sure whether he believed me or not.:)




i have found that since i have stoped smoking,i dont buy cheep brands of food any more,pay a bit more for it ,its just what i have saved on not smoking..and it does taste so good ,and how it should taste goooooooo,,keep the faith tony


I haven't suffered at all from 'quitter's cough' - I feel a bit disappointed!

I wouldn't have minded having a cough if I thought it was the body's way of clearing out the gunk.

In fact the only side-effects I've had have been the bizarre dreams and being bloated for the first week.


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