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Quitting on friday...My reasons

Hi! New here and really need some support and reminders to why i'm quitting on friday. As the day looms nearer i'm becoming more and more nervous that I cant do it!

Anyway my main reason is Money! I know it should be my health but i'm more bothered about how much i'm spending each month (£250!). I've just booked another holiday but on my last one i ended up spending £200 on fags over 2 weeks! It's mental. And here's me thinking i dont get paid enough from work or i'm always without money, i now know why!

Obviously second reason is health, i'm 22 years old and get out of breath walking up stairs or running for the train! This really should be the prime of my health surely!!!

I've joined this forum because i think i need all the support i can get from friday onwards. I'm worried because i dont wanna be moody with people but i know i proberly will be! Just be nice to talk to people who understand! :D

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welcome louise!

if u need help, friendship, and support u have come to the right place.

without this forum i would be smoking, its a fantastic support and every1 knows exactly what ur going through for the simple reason we have all been there.

you wilol be feeling nervous that is natural, but you must have faith in yourself that u can do it! I never thought i would manage but three months on here i am and i still cant believe it.

I think this place helps so much coz when ur cravings are at their worst u can read peoples posts who have been quit a while and see there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and how worth it, it is going to be.

youll get there louise, and people here will have an ear ready, coz weve all been there, keep posting and come here when the cravings hit, stay strong, and dont forget to treat urself,and save some pennies then u can see where your money is going.(that was a great incentive for me)

good luck, charlene :D


Thanks so much, its just so nice to know there will be people who will understand what i'll be going through!

I've got myself a little jar and will be putting my cigi money in there each day to see it mounting up, hopefully this will encourage me more!


Hi Louise,

Congratulations on your decision to quit! Nothing to be frightened off, everything to be EXCITED about!

Just think you've now taken control over these nasty little programs taht have been running in your brain (routine) demanding some nasty addictive little drug (nicotine). Sure, you might get some cravings over the first week or so, but this is a good thing - this is the nicotine leaving your body. Everytime you get a craving, don't get grouchy - get excited! Use this as a reminder that you have made a decision and YOU are in control.

And remember there are loads of people here who have been (and going) through what you're going through!

Congrats again on your decision.


Well Done Louise!!

Brilliant decision to quit now - it is too easy when you are in your twenties to think there is loads of time to give up but the reality is the longer you smoke the harder it is to stub out the dreaded nics.

Be proud that you have taken control and are fighting the tide of peer pressure.

You can do this and we will support you all the way. Fives and you go for it!!



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