No Smoking Day

Day 4 Today!

Well, it's day 4 for me.

I fell asleep last night about midnight with my ipod on. I've loaded it with stopping smoking sessions and things like that so I hope they've sunk in whilst I was asleep. It was still playing on repeat when I woke up this morning.

I'm going to my mum's at 4pm today so it's going to be my first test. I'll be staying the whole weekend. She does have the internet though so I can log on and I'll take my ipod with me. To be honest, I feel pretty good at the moment. I'm not missing smoking so I think if I make it through the weekend I'll give myself a fantastic chance to never smoke again.

Anyway, I've got to make it through today first so I'll do today what I've done the last 3 days.

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Well Done Graeme :)

You sound really positive and that will help you get through the test. It's good you've got internet access too, cos if you find things getting difficult you can leap to this forum.

Good luck .. you can do this :)

Take care




Congratulations on another day!

I think the ipod idea is brilliant, I might try that one. It's great that you've got internet access at your mum's as well. I'm sure that if I could have got on here last friday my blip would never have happened.


I'm just worried about my head! I don't intend smoking at the moment but I know that change change as quick as flicking a switch. I'm a little worried I may be doing ok at my mum's and then suddenly the thought comes into my head to smoke - and I won't be able to fight it or I'll give myself loads of excuses.


I know what you mean. I was so determined this time, and by last week I was feeling more confident about things. Then I had a shocking night on friday, got so stressed I thought I might have a stroke and managed to convince myself that I was justified in smoking because everything was going wrong. And obviously was then well p*ssed off with myself the next day.

You just have to stay strong. Being prepared helps so much - keep a list of reasons why you want to stop with you, print info off the internet and have it with you to read, try and get on this site if things get bad, talk to someone that knows you've stopped, take some deep breaths, make sure that you've got rid of all lighters etc, call the nhs helpline - anything that reinforces your decision and gives you a minute to get away from the desire to smoke.


I've told my mum I've stopped smoking. That should help me get through the weekend ok. It isn't even bothering me not smoking to be honest, it's just the fact that I'm going to my mum's where smokes could be readily available should I require them that's bothering me. I don't want to get up there and have my head start playing games with me.


Make sure everyone that smokes knows that they're not, under any circumstances, to let you have one. Tell them when you first get there that if you decide you want one you'll have to buy it off them for £500.


£500? I guess I'd better leave my cheque book at home then?!:D


I don't know where I got that number from!! Was just looking for some ridiculous amount that you wouldn't be prepared to spend, even if all the smoking around you had got to you. Although you're doing so well so far I reckon you'll breeze the weekend, but it's always good to have a back-up plan to stop complacency slipping in.


Yes, I agree. I've got plenty of stuff to help through the weekend:

1. Ipod with loads of stop smoking stuff on

2. Internet access to this site and others

3. NHS quitline number

4. Lots of literature given to me from stop smoking clinic

5. Plenty of food at my mum's :D


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