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No Smoking Day
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Just about day 5


Hello folks,

Well first post, but ive been viewing the forum for over a week now.

I was a smoker of 25 a day approx, I started smoking aged 15, now I am 35. I have been using patches for the last four days and actually feel ok this time. ( I have tried many times before ). I do feel however, this time it feels different ( easier ) as my mindset is different.

I was speaking to someone at work today who smoked for many years and stopped four years ago. They explained to me once you grasp the concept that your actually not giving anything up, but however adjusting to a state of which you were born ( ie not with a pack of ciggies ) you will get over smoking. ;)

I think what has helped me this time is the true understanding of which that by smoking I am only feeding a habit that is controlled by my primative mind, in which the more evolved front part of my mind has now understood the more complex issues of smoking ( which are not that complex if you open up a little ) and that now this frontal part of my brain can decide and intsruct my primative ( inner bit ) not to smoke .... :rolleyes:

Maybe I am just trying to stay positive ...

However I do feel and believe that a positive and constructive outlook does and will have a impact on whether I will smoke again. I am begining to think ( scare myself ) that actually putting one cig in my mouth will only be distructive. ( Like going back into a distrucive relationship ) I and all of us stopping must break free and move on from teenage habits and or destructive relationships.

Sorry to ramble on ;) Day 5 here we come


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Yay Steph



Good job on day 5 tomorrow :) You are doing a great job. You are so right about everything you said and you seem to have everything under control in your mind and that's excellent. Keep going strong and we will all get over this terrible habit together :D


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