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Day 28 - think the habit's just about kicked!

...Now to work on the addiction! :D

A strange thing happened yesterday. I was at work and part way through the day I started feeling VERY strange. I was aching all over as it was due to playing badminton the night before (MUST warm up properly next time), and on top of that I suddenly couldn't concentrate on ANYTHING and couldn't quite talk properly either as my brain was away with the fairies.

I was miserable and snappy too - and I had NO idea what was wrong with me. I muddled through for about an hour - hoping I wasn't coming down with something nasty, or badminton REALLY doesn't agree with me - then I suddenly realised, "I WANT A CIGARETTE!!!!!" I KNEW a cigarette would make me feel normal again, but that was out of the question as I've come too far. I felt under my jumper to see if my patch was still there and it was - and was slightly worried that the patches had stopped working as I was doing so well on them!

I changed the cartridge in my inhalator and grudgingly had a few drags on that (I've been trying not to use it) and it made me feel normal enough to carry on with work for a while.

A while later I went to the loo to check my patch properly - and it WAS still on, only the sticky side was stuck to my JUMPER and not me! :D (My jumper is now in withdrawal, but I'm forcing it to go cold turkey for nicking me patch!)

No WONDER I was feeling weird! But I know I've broken the actual HABIT as it took me so long to work out what on earth was the matter with me! :D

I stuck a new patch on when I got home - closer to bedtime so the interesting dreams are back! I actually had one last night that they'd brought out this new prescription only fruit juice with nicotine in it for people who were quitting smoking but wanted to be healthy! :p

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You had better get your jumper to start posting on the site if it has to go CT....



well done you 28 days is great Big Hug

I'm so sorry and I know it wasn't funny for you but this post is hilarious to read am crying with laughing as I sit here :D:D

Poor you and poor jumper but I'm glad you finally found out what was wrong

But the thought of your jumper going CT is so funny thanks for that :D

I know I shouldn't laugh but oh dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Marg xx


Your jumper must start in Day One!



Ha, that was funny :)

I was forever patting and checking my patches too.

Good to recognise that lack of 'patch help' though and to have discovered what had happened.

Hehe.... good one



PMSL at your post imagine forcing your jumper to go cold turkey, lol

Big time congrats on the 28 days, im 26 now doing ok still go off on a mental rant every now and again, its quite entertaining well for me anyways lol

Take care :P


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