No Smoking Day
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Just about to head into day 6 :)

Well im now counting down the hours till day 7 but i know i cant rush this. Have to say £37.80 in my tin is looking good. Best made money ever. Sod the business this is how im making my millions lol.

Still twitchy and really tired but managing to get through the day.

Have discovered an amazing thing. My caffeine intake has dropped from 6 cups of coffee and 3 cups of tea a day to one cup of coffee and one/two cups of tea. My heart feels fantastic no palpatations any more which i honestly thought would take months to sort out. But in a matter of days i have noticed so much change in my body. Still a week 1/2 left till i can start running have put on 0.2kg :( grrrr will run that off immediately.

To be totally honest to say this at 20 is something i never thought i would say but I am getting my life back, and also about 140 minutes a day as well and im so much more productive. Just sitting here making jewellery and not at all wanting a fag. Although i went a bit mad today when i could not find a lighter or match to light my candles hehe i totally gutted everything that reminded me of that little white stick.

For all those having a horrible time, keep going like everyone on here has told me, hold in there and the benfits will most definately out weight the losses (if you have any) of smoking.

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Hey Aimz,

Glad to hear your doing so well. I too ran my own business for the past 6 years or so, and was smoking 20-30 a day, possibly more sometimes, but like yourself, since giving up, I feel great with more energy etc. Also had plenty of WW3's with the missus too.

Im 3 1/2 weeks in now, and it gets much easier believe me.

If you do get any thoughts just read the links in Margs post about black lungs, amputation of limbs etc, and that should get you back on the straight and narrow :-)

Also just read in your other post abut your headaches, I got them all through week 2, but glad to say they have gone now.




Hi Aimz :D

Well done almost a week for you now that's great

Keep going already you're feeling the benefits of quitting

Sorry you had to hut the place to be able to light your candles

I kept a little out of sight on the mantelpiece for lighting mine

It's still there now




oh my god!!! never ever suggest those links to me :( I just looked and want to have x ray vision to see my lungs oh my god i think i would be sick if i looked at that any longer. Jesus thank god it's not before bed or food!



Hope that helps my friend :-) Certainly helped me


well at least there is 2 things that was gained from smoking - mainly found from reading , not my own assumptions.

1. smokers who give up (and stay smoke free) can have stronger lungs than those who have never smoked as our lungs have had to adjust to the impurities unlike those how were cleverer enough to have never smoked. (this was based on a smoker of 4-5 years only and smoking no more than 20 a day)

2. Those who smoke reduce the chances of Alchimers there is no medical link but research found that those who smoked for some of their life did not get the disease compared to those who did not smoke.

There are two things to kinda think about - pretty useless information in some ways but on the other had the top one is defo another motivation. Give up and allow your lungs to repair and they could be stronger than before you smoked. :) now i like that. Its the same as my ankle, it was weak then it crubled now its 4x stronger than my other ankle :)


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