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No Smoking Day
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My first month

Today it's exactly one month since I quit and I've had no blips whatsoever, yay me!

I feel fine and strong. I don't have physical cravings at all anymore, and the occasional mind craving has been more than tolerable since week 2. It sometimes comes after dinner, and when it does I'll probably state very clearly to hubby something along the lines that I Demand to Smoke a ridiculous amount of Lucky Strike's (which I never smoked, BTW), and by the time I'm done giggling like an idiot the craving is usually exorcised :p We ex-smokers are sick people, huh?

I have not yet bought myself anything special so far, but I love saving money and I wasn't able to do it anymore what with all the money spent on ciggies, so all is good now. Besides, the fall/winter collections are just starting to show so there's definitely always time for me to slaughter my bank account :D

Thank you guys because without you I am 100% sure I wouldn't be celebrating today :) *group hug*

P.S. I've been suffering from poor digestion during the past couple days and since I never suffered from such kind of problems ever before, I was wondering if it may be related to quitting smoke? I know, it's more likely caused by work-related stress that has nothing to do with cigarettes - or lack of them, in fact. All I know it's not pleasant!

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Well done Francesca, you must be so proud:D

A mighty effort to stop without blips, i hope i can get to the one month point. I have to say I have been made more confident by your comments that you have had no physical cravings for a while, and I think that from your comments you have the mental strength to keep going.

I would not be at the end of week 1 if it were not for what I have read on this forum too.

Well done, here's to getting safely into the second month:D


ONE MONTH!!!!!! GREAT!!!!!! SUPER!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!

You are a shining star! WOW...One month is a huge accomplishment and you should go splurge on yourself....buy something you have always wanted ;)

Chin up ~ you are doing it!!!!!!!!



Hope you are going to spoil yourself today :)

Have a great day

Take care




Thanks you CanI, NS4M, Bou and AliD *hugs all* :)

I haven't yet bought nothing special for me but during lunch break Today I saw two pairs of boots I really liked, and tomorrow I'm definitely going to buy me a ceramic hair straightener.

This evening I left hubby at home and celebrated my Month Number One on a girls night out, I kid you not I easily managed to spend the second part of the evening in a "smokers' only" room at this club as one of my friends smokes and it was too cold to stay outside. I'm a pretty tolerant non-smoker, I have to admit ;) The idea of lighting up a cigarette teased me for a while and boy, it did sound sound like a fun idea, but the thought of you guys was quite helpful in making me say NO - Boudee, especially the thought of you mentioning how many times this forum has prevented you from smoking again :p

Now it would have been quite hilarious to celebrate a smokeless month smoking a ciggie hee hee hee :D


Thought I would add to this thread - I am now a month and 3 days with no ciggies whatsoever! I have been away for 3 weeks in the states - got back yesterday - suffering with jetlag at the moment.. and with the changes in hours etc kept forgetting to take my champix....but I have survived!! Not one blip whatsoever. I think it helped being out of my normal routine and not being around smokers at all. The 10 hour plane ride didn't being bother me at all either (being on Maxjet which is all business class with loads of leg room helped as well, ie - I didn't get ratty from being uncomfortable and wanted a ciggie to combat the rattiness) I have got to go to cessation clinic today and I hope that this will be my last session there! Thanks for the support so far - you guys and gals are the best!!


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