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My First Month Completed!!

Hey everyone, well i have made it, today is my first month smoke free.

Its been a strange day, had lots of thoughts of smoking, lots of missing them today, would even say i was missing them so much earlier i could easily have gone to the shop and brought some. Im just feel so bored all the time, cant be bothered with anything or anyone its like something is missing. My weight is still causing me lot of conern, and it dont matter how many times or how many people tell me it will right itself or that I dont look any different, its still getting to me.

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hi wobbles well done on quit 1 month is fab, i can fully understand what you mean with lack of interest in things. I believe that is quite a normal feeling bit like a bereavement. Im not feeling too positive today but all i an say is that the craving do ease a hell of a lot i have found although My head still thinks it wants one if that makes sense?. Hope that helps im not that far in front of you (6 weeks + 1 day) so keep posting & hopre youre feeling better soon.. the weight thing dont worry it will sort itself out, just one thing at a time. From what ive read once the quit part becomes easier then everything else does? make sense.. i mean i dont know youre weight issues whether youve got health problems etc.. so dont just take my advice if youre very concerned speak to ure doctor or nurse. Im sure they will be happy to help after all youre doing something truely amazing

take care & best of luck


A whole month well done you. :D:D:D

you are feeling about down, sorry to hear that, we all do at different stages. i would say read, read, read. or dance and shout and sing, or post, post, post, or treat yourself to (whatever does it for u).

we are all here and all have good and bad days.

a month is fantastic and just remember why u r doing it and remember that u don't want to go through the last month again.

here's to you

WELL DONE AND BIG HUGS ((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))))


Try to imagine your head with what its dealing with right now as though you're thoughts are in dense fog. As the days, and last few weeks have gone by the fog has slightly lifted, you've begun to get some focus, but you still have a way to go yet before you can see things clearer and without the addiction, making you believe things that are simply not true.

You have to keep in mind even though its a month, its still also only you after only 4 weeks into quitting. You, myself,.. many others just into week 5.. we have quite a long way to go yet.. and what we've been through so far, what has been endured so far, will be worth it in the long run.

I know you mentioned having thoughts about smoking today, but look at it from another perspective? Imagine yourself when you were smoking.. you speak to someone and they tell you they've been quit for a whole month. You'd envy them.. you'd want to be where they are. Well? you are. right here.. right now.. that person, 4 weeks in and right now, the folks who are still out there smoking and wish to give up? they envy you, you've made a massive achievement.

I know right now you may feel that 'sense of loss' kinda feeling, a bit of an empty kinda feeling, but look at it realistically, prior to quitting it, you'd built something into your daily routine that is highly addictive and to suddenly limit or cut out that its going to take you to some highs and lows too, and whats happening right now is just you are at the low bit.

You can make some changes if you wish, but you have to try.. whether it be just going for a walk or just a change of scene or things that you do, they are all things that will help your frame of mind, and might well help you out of the 'here and now' and more to where you want to be.

I know its hard, you know we understand too.. but later on we'll look back on these times and these are what will convince us that giving up smoking was the best thing we ever did. We just don't see it with the same clarity as we will in some months time.. tha's all.

Peace and strength to you.


Hi Wobbles

Well done on the month.

With regards the weight I wish I had read more around that before I quit. I havent ate any more and not substituted the smokes with "nice things" but I have gained alot of weight which at nearly 6 months is getting me down.

However, I have now read that you should up the exercise before quitting and throughout the quit which will keep the weight down. I wish I had done this because the weight is going to take longer to get off than it did to get on. You are still in the early days so I would take the advice and up the exercise and check out your diet to counter the slow down in your metabolism.

Good Luck




I've never really been the athletic type myself, but although this last few years i've put on a little bit of extra weight, i'm hoping that i regain the extra energy i need to go and do a decent paced walk or even a run. (me run?!!!).. anyway, i'm gonna give it a go.. but first i'm gonna do the important bit and see this quit through to a successful conclusion, and worry about the extra weight and exercise later. I must walk for miles in my job while fixing pc, and then there is the lifting too.. so i am getting some exercise i guess.

I've bought a nintendo wii with also the wii fit too, mostly got it for my fiancé but i will definitely have a go to see if it works for me. If not, i'll go for a plod around our local park as its not massive, and looks quite doable. I used to walk that when i was recovering after an operation, so a run should be ok soon... or later on :)


Hi Wobbles :D

Well done you 1 month completed is great Big Hug

It's natural to miss them this early in your quit but you'll miss them less and less as you go on Promise

Keep going it just keeps getting better and better the further you go


Marg xxxxxxxxx



One month - fantastic!

Well done!


Hi Wobbles. I have put on four or five pounds in 5 weeks, despite being pretty careful about what I am eating, and certainly not eating anymore than I used to. This is definitely one of the most disturbing parts of giving up, not least because I'm going on holiday tomorrow which means I've got to bare myself in a bikini AND watch my sister and dad smoking like chimneys. Hmm.

I was expecting to feel like I wanted to leap out of bed every morning and do several laps of the park after quitting, but while I have tried to get into doing a bit of exercise, working and looking after a toddler means it's very difficult to find time to do this. When I get back from my hols I'm going to try and get a "regime" - even the word gives me the fear! - in place, but in the meantime, I'm just trying to accept that my weight is going to increase and just hope it stops before I am properly busting out of my clothes and have to buy a new wardrobe.

I nearly caved in at a wedding last week, begged and begged my sis for a few puffs because everyone, even the non smokers, were chuffing away. My sister didn't give in, even though I got moody with her, but the next day I was relieved. When you're drunk you need friends like her to keep you on the straight and narrow!

I'm on my fifth week now, came off the 20mg patches within two and a half weeks and am now just on the full-strength gum. I seem to be chewing an awful lot of it, but my doc says it won't do me any harm. Haven't really felt any better though, which is v disappointing. Pretty tired all the time, which is obv pretty common after reading some of the comments on here, and covered in spots - I thought your skin was supposed to get better?!

Anyway, the best bit about giving up smoking is knowing that I will be around when my daughter gets older (hopefully), she is 2, and getting my partner off my back. His dad died of smoking-related cancer last year, so he nagged me continuously and it really affected our relationship. Now that I'm smoke free, he can't nag me and I don't feel guilty all the time and that, in itself, has made me feel so much happier.

Don't worry too much about your weight if that's possible, my doc said the average weight put on is half a stone, but smaller people (like me) sometimes put on more. I think we just have to accept it and keep reminding ourselves that smoking is the most ridiculous justification for staying slim.

Claire x


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