No Smoking Day

Caved In

No i havent started smoking again, i got on the bloody scales again what a muppet ive put on more weight this is despite watching what i am eating and going to the gym 5 days a week. I was hoping that some of that weight is muscle from the weight training that iam doing, i definately gone up a bra size next time i am near a M&S i will go and get myself measured fancy a purple balcony bra lol. Its bad enough when my daughter offers to lend me one of her over the shoulder boulder holders. My pecs are getting bigger but i am doing a lot of upper body work with the weights so i hope its the weights that are doing it and not fat. I swear that i am going to stay clear of any scales for the near future but whenever i see a set of scales they have some sort of hypnotic hold on me and draw me to them. I think i will start a new forum for given up the nasty addiction to weighing myself. I have even tried to balance on foot to see if i weigh less.

I am on day 83 and i feel great, if i could shed a few kilos i will be chuffed to fcuk.

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muscle weighs more then fat so i reckon thats why you weigh more

yeah lets go with that theory :D

Boudee morning how are you this fine beautiful wet damp morning.

I bow to your authority and will go with your theory


Yes the muscle is definitely heavier. Congrats on day 83 shell I'm right here with you. I've put a few pounds on too but I still feel very good as a non-smoker. Congrats to you too boudee your on our tails.


Smokeless how are you doing, nice to hear from you glad your still with us.

Yeah i cant believe its nearly the start of month 4 whooopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I am doing great thanks! Yes I'm hanging in there with you guys and look forward to reading to see how you folks are doing. I still have an odd wanting for a smoke but I'm way to far in to this to go that route. I'm actually starting to wonder where I ever found the money to buy them in the first place.


yeah and me

I am so skint :(

Yeah me to


Hi Andy, Smokeless and Boudee.

Well done Andy and nice to see you again Smokeless. Wow almost month 4 for us 4. I'm amazed I've got this far already.

I noticed I wasn't gaining weight in the beginning but think i'm starting to now which has confused me a bit. Not going to the gym or anything but taking every oppurtunity to use my bike rather than the car. Also try to save money on the diesel because like yourselves I'm skint aswell. You'd think we'd have abit more to spend wouldn't you. I suppose you spend to your means no matter what.

Well done everyone no matter what stage you're at! Stay strong!:D



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