1st Day on Tuesday

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forums and new(ish) to stopping smoking.

I stopped 2 years ago cold turkey for 8 months until I got drunk one night and started again! I was doing so well at the time and I didn't even miss it as I felt so much better.

Anyway, Tuesday is my first day. I think if I stop tomorrow then I'll have 8 hours without a cigarette by the time I wake up.

I'm 32 and have smoked for 17 years now. For a long time I was on 5-10 a day but over the last year it's up to 20 a day and someone recently commented that I 'Eat cigarette's' - when I light up they're gone in about 10 drags.

Why am I stopping? I hate cigarette's - they've killed my dad and my grandma so far. It's a fact that both would still be alive had they not smoked. My gran got lung cancer at 63 and died (a horrible way to go) and my dad had a heart attack (brought on by smoking) and died aged 56 last year whilst on holiday with my mum. He went to sleep and never woke up (I'm still in shock at the moment).

So, as much as I detest cigarette's I know it is going to be difficult getting past the first 3 weeks until I get to that place of neutrality (at least that's what it took last time).

I intend to be a regular poster and let you know exactly how I'm getting along.

Please introduce yourself and let me know what I can expect from tomorrow onwards..

Kind Regards


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  • Thankyou.

    Expect many, many posts from tomorrow onwards! I know I'll have a much better chance being surrounded by people in a similar postion.

    I'm looking forward to it at the moment. I have 3 cigarette's left for tonight. I'll make sure they are finished by the time I go to bed so there's none left when I wake up. Where I used to get up and smoke with my cup of coffee, I'll know get up and post with my cup of coffee!

  • Thanks.

    I think posting on here often will help me build momentum. The more people who know the more I'll feel like I let them down should I start again.

    Got to build a little day counter into my signature now and also tot up £5 a day for each day I don't smoke.

  • Hi Graeme, you sound as if you are ready for this, and that means you've won half the battle, in my opinion.

    I gave up for about 5 months and few years back, and like you was doing really well but just slipped up on a night out then was back to 20 a day before i knew it, we've all been there. I'm hoping i've learnt from it, there is no such thing as one cigarette, its an addiction!!

    I also ATE cigarettes!!! But that just helped me to HATE them.

    I've wanted to give up for over a year, i had my last puff 6 weeks ago and haven't found it half as bad as previous attempts and i think this because i'd finally got my head around it and was ready.

    U sound like u r ready!!!

    I'm sure you'll have some wobbly moments, but thats what we're here for!

    Welcome!!! :)

  • Hello and Welcome to the forum.

    You sound very prepared for what is a head of you and you can do it.

    Instead of smoking with my tea or coffee in the morn I would sign on here and type away as well. It really really helped me and it STILL helps me a great deal. When you develop relationships with people on this forum you feel like you will let them down completely if you blip. It is very easy to make friends on this forum because everyone is soooo friendly and full of encouragement and joy. Great place to come and rant or chat nicely when you are having a good day :) Everyone has been in the same boat and we all understand what eachother are going through.

    Glad you have come to join us and I look forward to many many more chats with you!

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!! 253

  • Welcome Graeme,

    I am also quitting as it has affected me aswell. My dad has terminal lung & liver cancer but hasn't let that stop him smoking or drinking. I only need to think of him to be even more determined.

    Good luck with your quit!

  • Hi Welcome to the mad house you will get the best support on here.Its your first day today hope its going well let us know Linda xxxxx

  • Day 1 is here!!!!

    Here I go, day 1.

    It's been 10 hours since my last cigarette.

    No cigarettes left? Check.

    Matches thrown away? Check.

    Ashtray thrown in the bin? Check.

    I've got an appointment at the stopping smoking clinic at 3pm that I booked last week. I'll go along to see what they say but I guess I'm (certainly at the moment) a NON-SMOKER already!

    I know this wont be easy but I'll concentrate on getting through today first - I'm sure I can go 1 day without a cigarette.

    I can't wait to wake up with a clear throat! I don't think I need be any more descriptive than that

  • Thankyou, thankyou.

    I feel a little sick in my stomach but I'm sure this is in my mind and not physical.

    I've found this website that tells you the benefits you can expect after a certain amount of days, weeks, months etc. I'm sure it's common knowledge but according to the NHS website, I'm at this stage:

    "Nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in the blood will be cut by half and oxygen levels will return to normal. Chances of a heart attack start to fall".

  • WELL DONE Graeme :) :)

    Hope your day is going well .. BE VERY PROUD OF YOURSELF :) :)

    Take care



  • Hi,

    It's going ok at the moment thanks. My appt at the stop smoking clinic is 3pm. I'll go along for a chat but I'm not going down the nicotine replacement route. I think the sooner it's out of my system the better. I feel a little light headed but the nurse assured me it's a good feeling as my body has never had so much oxygen!

    The NHS stop smoking line seems a pretty useful tool. It's open until 9pm. Has anyone else used this? What are your thoughts?

  • morning graeme,

    I haven't tried the NHS line but I did join the Together programme and they sent me some useful things to read. I like the idea of being able to call them but I find the worst times personally were always after 9pm!

    Congrats on making this great decision. You sound really determined and strong - all good!

    Hope day 1's going ok for you, here's to day 2 :)


  • I phoned another one on my other quit and i was sent this pack and a incentive coin thing with a scratch card to mark of the days

    I went back to smoking after i scratched the last one off though

    what am i like hey? :rolleyes:

    I know I shouldn't laugh :D but just cant help it - at least when I'm giggling I'm not throwing up :)



  • How do you feel after 78 days Boudee? What benefits have you felt/experienced so far?

  • Ooh, what did they say under the scratch off bits??

  • Where do you get all these little things from? Should I ask for my set of scratch cards when I go to the clinic at 3?

  • Should I ask for my set of scratch cards when I go to the clinic at 3?

    Maybe not, they seem to have made Boudee more determined to smoke!

  • Feel ok physically - no massive cravings. There is more of a problem psychologically - It's almost like my body thinks I SHOULD be smoking. I've noticed that on ocassions like after dinner, with my coffee, when on the phone. Anyone give me some tips please....

  • Cool. It feels wierd - I'm a non-smoker. Been 13 hours now so I keep checking the NHS website to see what benefits I'm gettng now from not smoking. Got to set off for the no-smoking clinic soon. That should take up a couple of hours today.

  • Well of course we are by far the biggest benefit of all - I don't know why we're not included in those benefits timelines :confused: :D

  • Got back from the clinic. Bith of a wste of time really - nice walk there though. They took some reading from me I had to bolw into - came back a 12. They said should be under 10 next week.

    Feeling a little ratty now. How do you cope with that? any tips please?

  • * tea

    * chocolate

    * beer

    * sleep

    * wii boxing

  • Exercise


    Scream into a pillow

    Sing at the top of your voice

    Play some air guitar :D

  • Exercise is a good one. You think I should see a small improvement in my fitness even though it's only been 1 day?

  • Exercise is a good one. You think I should see a small improvement in my fitness even though it's only been 1 day?

    Well in all honestly maybe not, but what you will see if a difference in your motivation. Once you cut the cigs out you do find you feel healthier, which makes you more inclined to do more exercise. Once you get those endorphins going you'll forget all about feeling ratty.

  • Suppose it depends how fit u already are.

    When i was going to the gym, when i still smoked, if i worked too hard i got light headed. But i don't get that anymore.

    I used to avoid cardio stuff at the gym, now thats all i do.

    Exercise definitely helps my mood, i've had stuff going on in my life at the mo and would find it easy to sit at home and feel sorry for myself, but if i take myself to the gym and work out to some good tunes i feel great!!!

  • In the interests of scientific accuracy I should point out that I was typing 'healthier' whilst shovelling galaxy into my mouth and wondering what to have for tea. :rolleyes:

  • That's a good point. Instead of me sitting here thinking about the fact I can't smoke, I should get out there and do things I can do because I don't smoke - like running. I used to run all the time 5 or so years ago but that stopped once the smoking increased. Time to dust off the old runners I reckon.

  • Become a obsessive compulsive! lol It takes up loads of time!:D

    I find myself cleaning and sorting out stuff I've wanted to sort for ages.

    If your already like that then erm.............come round and clean my house!:p

  • In the interests of scientific accuracy I should point out that I was typing 'healthier' whilst shovelling galaxy into my mouth and wondering what to have for tea. :rolleyes:

    If its fruit n nut galaxy that could count towards your 5 a day.

    N the milk in the galaxy will help your bones!!!:D

  • It was purely medicinal chocolate honest!

  • It was purely medicinal chocolate honest!

    Really Hbav......:rolleyes:

  • Ok, I'm just a bit of a biffa, I admit it!

  • No definitely biffa - like the skip!

  • We say it all the time round here if someone's stuffing their face. You know biffas? The big red skips??

  • I'm almost through my first day. Feel a little light headed, ratty and bored but I can live with those feelings. Just had a sleep on the couch and when I woke up first thing I do is think of a cigarette!

    Which days did you find the hardest? First, second, third?

  • The 3rd? What happens then? I'm worried now. Is that when the hallucinations begin? ;)

  • But you are a completely insane non-smoker though?! That'll do me...

  • I think I'm going to have to sit at my computer for a week or two until I get some time behind me and adjust to being a non-smoker.

    Is it a requirement of being a non-smoker to inform my fellow smoking colleagues of the perils of tobacco? Now, where's my soapbox...........:D

  • They say there's nothing worse than a reformed smoker! I don't think I'd be a good example just yet, to see me white and physically shaking is not the kind of sight that gives you the impression someone is 'enjoying' not smoking.

  • Almost 24 hours since a smoke now! Just sat stuffing my face at the moment. Went out for a few hours down into town to take my mind off it. Day 1 almost done. Hopefully I'll be starting a new thread for day 2 in a few hours.

  • I am late on this post sorry,

    Welcome graeme x x x x

    Oooh you are in good company here ;)

    Sorry for the pain that brings you to quit but your life is worth it,

    when a life is lost or others live in pain, it's good to think that it hasn't been in vain,

    if changes anothers life x x

    Arrghh sounds cheesy soz x x Hope you know what I mean.

    x x ~Buffy x x


    I love cardio (NOW!) :D

    My routine means that by the time I reach x trainer (final part of my work out) I am watching philip and is it ferne? on morning TV, the guest part.

    Anyway I was so watching Jane from east enders the other day,

    then warnings flashed up :eek: I was 196 HR rofl!!

    I didn't even notice!! that's the power of non smoking x x

    I looked kinda flushed for some time after :)


  • Hi Buffy,

    I must admit, I am looking forward to running again. I went for a walk into town a couple of hours ago. It's up a big hill and about 2 miles away. I felt pretty good. I hope this is a sign of things to come, I wasn't out of breath at all.

    I haven't really had too many physical problems stopping (although it is my first day!), it's mainly psychological. For instance I've just had some cheese on toast with pickle (my favourite) for supper/tea and I'm sat here feeling as though somethings missing - I feel like I have a hole inside me I can't fill (if that makes sense). I know from the posts I've read it will pass so I've just got to keep going.

  • Oh of course x x

    That sounds totally natural,

    you have relied on something to fill a gap,

    like an old friend.

    The friend was a toxic one,

    like a bully that used you to do all their jobs for you.

    You got wise to that friend and thought you are better of without them.

    Don't mean your going to forget them overnight.

    Whos the daddy now ;)

    No more bullying :D

  • hehe. The bully is sulking at the moment because he's not had his own way today. Almost bed time so should be ok getting day 1 out of the way. Also I've no smoke's anyway and the nearest bank/shop is miles away.

    Not been a bad first day to be honest. I don't want to get cocky as I know it aint gonna be this easy all the time but I've coped ok today I think. I'll try running tomorrow so I can use the benefits I must be feeling from stopping smoking.

  • Thats the way x x

    day by day.

    Ooooh poetry who knew I had it in me?! :rolleyes:

    No ones promises it to be plain sailing but 1 day has to be congratulated x x

    You must treat yourself tomorrow,

    Chocolate, magazine, pie, doughnut or shopping :D yay

    Ok ok I know men don't enjoy it so much but a CD or DVD or such like?

    You can't resist ;)

    ~Buffy x x

  • Chocolate, magazine, pie, doughnut or shopping :D yay

    But that's what I get every lunchtime??

    Well, bedtime for me. When I wake up I'll be starting my new post in 'Day 2'.

    BTW, I met someone in town earlier and he asked me if I wanted a smoke when he lit up. My reply? 'No thanks, I don't smoke'. Felt fantastic saying that, although I must admit, I quickly left his company before my head started playing games with me......

  • But that's what I get every lunchtime??

    Well, bedtime for me. When I wake up I'll be starting my new post in 'Day 2'.

    BTW, I met someone in town earlier and he asked me if I wanted a smoke when he lit up. My reply? 'No thanks, I don't smoke'. Felt fantastic saying that, although I must admit, I quickly left his company before my head started playing games with me......

    Ha lol good 4 you x x

    Never had that put against me, everyones too tight :D lol

    Take that thought to bed and dream sweetly x x

  • Morning Graeme :)

    Another smoke-free day to look forward to ... hope you're feeling really good today :)

    Take care and be strong



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