No Laughing Until A Few Days In

It is so wierd. When I first joined this forum and I was reading along what everyone had to say, I could not understand how everyone could joke about and talk about everything and anything when we were all in the QUIT boat. All I had on my mind was smoking and that was all. It was horrible. I couldn't get how you guys could all chat about anything other than smoking...It was consuming my thoughts to the point I thought I would never think about anything (except smoking) ever again. I couldn't unerstand how you all could laugh and make jokes and post silly images on here...I was totally frazzled. Not only on this forum but in my real life too - my mind was consumed with smoking. UGH!!! Laughing and joking was the last thing on my mind.

Well now I finally get it. Eventually smoking is one of the last things on your mind (on your good days) which is about 80% of the time. It is great to be able to joke and have a conversation that doesn't always start with or come back to "smoking".

For everyone who feels like I did - hang on, it gets better!

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  • Thanks Boudee. I haven't come acrossed a post like it before and I still don't know if I was the only one who felt that way - but i do know, it was brutal. I just wanted to post that because if anyone else is feeling it - they should know they are not the only ones that went through that and it will get better eventually. :D

  • LMAO - HIJACKED MY THREAD????? you are way to funny! How do you do that?!! You are sooooo funny...:D

  • lol....that smilie IS afterall a bit scary looking...:D Look at those daggers.....geesh...;)

  • :eek: UH OH, maybe you aren't the thief.... :eek:

  • Common' you can't blame the umbridges, panties and flaps on a dream and get away with it. You KNOW that was all could you dream about flaps like that - they are HUGE! LMAO!!!

  • Good idea NS4M, this post is a sweet thought for the beginners, I'm sure it'll help them a lot! It was the same for me. During the first days, if I was not working I was totally unable to do anything at all because I was too busy thinking about smoke :p Those first evenings at home look tragic now to me...I wasn't even able to post here about my obsession, let alone joke or laugh about anything! I do regret it though because you guys would have helped me a hell of a lot...

  • Cute Bou....very cute lol! :eek:

  • Ohhh Francesca...We really would have helped you, but it is soooo hard to get your mind out of the smoking thoughts. It is terrible. You are constantly trying to convince yourself not to smoke and that takes up all of your energy, time and thoughts. It's ok, it does pass and then we realize how great this site is lol.

  • Yes you Bou - you are cute :p

  • Lol


  • Come meer hot stuff... 226227

  • Hmmmmm....


  • Unreal...

    I don't understand how they get that big in the first place though....can't they see themselves getting bigger and bigger???!!!

  • wow, that is very very sad. I wonder how they are going to cure that?

  • Enjoy your bath....why wouldn't you be allowed to say Ebay? :confused:

    Anywho - talk to you when you are all done bathing... :cool:

    I may actually catch you tomorrow we have to take step son home and he lives 1 1/2 hours away so...3 hours of driving in front of me :( But first we have to go to the library and then eat dinner. Long night here we come.

  • It's very odd lol. I wish I was living in your time right now cause I am tired and I hate this drive we have to do.

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