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Day 4 over and a few worries

Day 4 complete! Not too bad but still got a tight chest (not breathing wise) just a feeling and vague butterflies in my stomach. Had this since yesterday evening and all day today. I am managing this though.

Just been reading lots and am beginning to wonder at what point does it start getting easier, I'm beginning to think this battle will last my whole life. When I say easier I mean maybe going a whole day without thinking about fags to start with. Do you ever forget you smoked once? I want it all to go away!!!

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You'll get different answers from different folk to you questions:) Keep reading, gaining knowledge and insight to quitting. This quit is yours and you can enjoy it and see it as a learning curve .... something to own and appreciate in it's development. As daft as it may sound ...... even control it :)

I'm almost at 10 months quit and some days I don't think about smoking. Most days I don't want to smoke at all and don't think about it. There's a noticeable difference to 'thinking about' and 'wanting' :) The wanting in a crave way stopped around 4 months. The associations and habit for me took longer to reduce and in the main, vanish.

Your currently going through what is for most folk the hardest early times.

Your doing just fine. Keep reading ahead of your quit time and be prepared to duck and dive the mix of thoughts and emotions that come your way.

Stay strong, determined and believe and know, it gets easier, honestly.

Pol x


I will agree with Pol we are all so different and have different coping strategies, I found that at the beginning I was doing great and then around a certain point things went to pot as Pol can verify as she was the one to pull me back and keep me smoke free.

It will get easier but my saying is if you didn’t have the bad days then you wouldn’t know you were having good days, hang in there and appreciate how good you will feel and the little niggles that are part and parcel of the quit are all a normal process which we have to go through to be able to say at some point I am smoke free and I will never smoke again, see the link in my sig it is a good way to get through the craves, take care and good luck as we all need some of that as well.


Hi Siana,

I quit for 3 & 1/2 years before somehow getting back on it a couple of months ago. I'm now on Day 8 of my second quit and to be honest spent most of today not thinking about cigarettes for the first time. This is my first week experience which may be of some assistance:

Day One: Not as bad as I expected

Day Two: Quite a few cravings, lots of deep breaths and determination

Day Three: Same as day two

Day Four: Worse than day two & three for cravings

Day Five: Same as day four

Day Six: Crescendo point. Could easily have started smoking again today. Rowing with the mrs 'cos I couldn't find a ball of string to tie up my roast pork belly I was planning to do for lunch. She stormed out with the kids, I started drinking red wine and was so close to popping down the offy for a pack of Golden Virginia! managed somehow to resist but I was going through all the emotions, frustration, anger, stress, you name it.

Day Seven: Much easier, thought about smoking a few times through the day, went long periods without thinking about it.

Day Eight: Easier still. Went out for the day in Southend and the only thing reminding me of smoking is seeing someone else doing it and this coughing up of clear phlegm all day. But craving wise, I don't believe I craved at all today.


Hi all, hope you mind me hijacking this thread, but I am starting to worry about my stop date. Currently on day 7 of champix and had no side effects really (apart from the dreams) but really don't feel much different.

My quit day is tomorrow and I thought I would be feeling stronger about giving up, but I am still wanting to smoke!

Any tips for tomorrow?


Hi Pinotlover,

I know nothing of Champix because i've given up cold turkey on both occasions but I would hazard a guess that it's not so much that you still want to smoke but more that you're frightened of not smoking and all that's involved in that. You'r probably afraid of getting cravings, being moody and just plain missing it! See how it goes on the first day and take it from there. It might be easier than you think. Take each day at a time.


Thanks for your replies and support again! And thanks Craig for your run-down of the first week - very interesting and very familiar. Your day 6 sounds like my day 3. I had an absolute tantrum on that morning and lost the plot with everyone in the house!! Poor things.

Pintolover - I'm giving up with champix too and I didn't really feel any different until I went on the blue ones, then it was very subtle - I never stopped wanting to smoke. But my smoking reduced a lot and I wasn't getting a hit when I did smoke. In fact one of the things keeping me on the straight and narrow is that I know if I had one now, it wouldn't have the desired affect!

Also, I was supposed to quit on day 14 but I didn't feel ready and did it the next day instead. Good luck for tomorrow and let us know how you get on.


Hey everyone, thanks for your replies.

Well about 12pm yesterday I decided that if I really meant this then I should try and give up asap , so I had my last cig around midday yesterday.

I got to about 7pm where I really hit a low, but 10 polo mints pulled me through!

I am on day 9 today and am determined to give this horrible thing up!

Got lunch planned, and a swim so hoping to keep busy!


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