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No Smoking Day
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6 months plus a few days!

Well, I missed my 6 month post, as I was sunning myself in Gran Canaria. I was a bit worried about my first holiday as a non smoker, and i did have a few moments when I thought i fancied one, but then realised i was talking out of my bum and didn't want one at all!!! I did have a look around the plane after the four hour flight and the smokers were well easy to spot. Fidgets or what!!! Glad I didn't have to worry about that, and actually felt quite smug. :o

A great holiday, and now back to work tomorrow which I am dreading, but half a year done and feeling good!!!

Next milestone the joys of the penthouse - bring it on!!!


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Hi Beccy

Big old congrats to you - six months is just brill :D Glad to hear you made it through your holiday OK - got that challenge to come yet so it's good to hear that others are sailing through it :)



Thanks to you both Chrissie and Pookie, I must admit i was terrified about the holiday, but although i did miss it a little bit, the feelings were few and far between, so it wasn't anywhere near as bad as i thought it was!!

Kids were kept occupied and i managed to read two whole books!! Blimey!!



That's brilliant and fantastic for us who are only in the early days to see all you quitters doing really well months and months ahead - it definitely helps!


Hey Beccy ...

6 months ...that is brillaint well done you :) have a bit of cake other half is in the Penthouse



hmmm cake!!!

Cheers Bradders, looks yummy!!!

:D I am starving!!


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